Of Course THE BATMAN is Set in the DC Extended Universe

This week’s DC Films non-issue that went viral online comes from a month-old interview with The Batman director Matt Reeves, who said that his movie was “standalone” and “not part of the extended universe.” This led to people speculating whether the film is set in its own continuity, and it only further fuels the “Ben Affleck is quitting Batman!!!!” debate. Well, Reeves has now set the record straight.

On Twitter, Reeves clarifies his initial comments. He explains that The Batman will tell a standalone story about, well, Batman. While it won’t feature other superheroes or heavy references to other movies, this film is indeed set in the DC Extended Universe. A lot of people thought that this was what Reeves meant in his original interview, but it’s good to have crystal clear clarification.

So, while The Batman is definitely set in the DCEU, there’s still going to be concerns over whether Affleck will reprise the role. One idea is to make the movie a prequel, set during one of Batman’s early adventures, using a younger actor. But, there’s nothing to suggest that that’s actually going to happen. Until Warner Bros. or someone else involved with the DCEU says otherwise, Affleck is still Batman. Period.

The Batman is expected to begin production sometime next year, presumably for a 2019 or 2020 release. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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