Marvel TV Developing New Female-Led Series with ABC

Over the past few years, Marvel has been dramatically increasing its television slate. The studio currently has five shows on Netflix (with the sixth, The Punisher, coming this year), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC (with Inhumans premiering next month), Runaways coming to Hulu, Legion on FX, The Gifted premiering on Fox this fall, and two shows premiering on Freeform next year. But, it’s not stopping there.

Karim Zreik, SVP of Original Programming at Marvel TV, talked about the company’s television slate at today’s Edinburgh International Television Festival (via Deadline). During the presentation, he announced that Marvel is developing a new show with ABC. He merely said that it’s a female-led series, and it’s similar to Netflix’s Jessica Jones. He also confirms that Marvel TV is exploring possibilities for more female-skewed shows.

There is certainly a lot of possibilities for who will star in this new ABC series. Characters like She-Hulk and Spider-Woman have yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while fans have been hoping for a show starring Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (who has been speculated to be the focus of John Ridley’s untitled Marvel show).
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