THE PUNISHER Episode Titles Confirmed; New Promo Shows Off Supporting Cast

Now that The Defenders is streaming, Netflix has begun promoting its next Marvel series, The Punisher. We saw a teaser trailer last week, attached as a post-credits scene for The Defenders finale. This week, we have a new promo, along with episode titles.

The show’s Twitter account sent out a bunch of tweets containing messages in Morse Code. Turns out that each tweet reveals an episode title for the series. Like the other Marvel Netflix shows (save for Defenders), The Punisher will run for 13 episodes. Check out the episode list below (via CBM):

  • S01E01 – 3 A.M.
  • S01E02 – Two Dead Men
  • S01E03 – Kandahar
  • S01E04 – Resupply
  • S01E05 – Gunner
  • S01E06 – The Judas Goat
  • S01E07 – Crosshairs
  • S01E08 – Cold Steel
  • S01E09 – Front Toward Enemy
  • S01E10 – Virtue of the Vicious
  • S01E11 – Danger Close
  • S01E12 – Home
  • S01E13 – Memento Mori
In addition, we have a new promo that features the series’ supporting cast, including Daredevil character Karen Page.

The Punisher will be released sometime this year on Netflix.

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