ARROW: Marc Guggenheim Talks DC’s Plans for Deathstroke and The Question

After a key role in the show’s first two seasons, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke was taken off the table for ArrowDC had “other plans” for the character – aka Joe Manganiello’s portrayal in the movies. Deathstroke appeared in the Justice League post-credits scene, and Manganiello is attached to star in his own film and maybe The Batman. More recently, however, Arrow was able to bring back Slade for its fifth season finale, as well as a two-episode arc in season six.

Now, with Deathstroke’s big screen presence, he’s off the table for Arrow once again. In an interview with Discussing Film at ACE Comic-Con, producer Marc Guggenheim explains the process of DC allowing them to use certain characters. Basically, they’re given permission to use specific characters in a specific timeframe, and the show works around that.

That’s definitely the case with Deathstroke, as Guggenheim says, “For a time they were saying ‘you can’t use Deathstroke,’ and that changed and we were able to have Slade Wilson back on the show, and now we’re back to ‘you can’t use him.'” It’s great that Arrow was able to bring Slade back for one more arc, but it’s a shame that he won’t be back anytime soon…if ever.

Another character that DC apparently has plans for is The Question. Guggenheim has talked about wanting to bring that character to Arrow for a while, and fans have wanted it too. So, why hasn’t it happened yet? “I always bring him up,” he says. “I always feel like that character would be a great fit with the tone of Arrow. Again: it’s not our characters, it’s DC’s characters, and they’ve got other plans for The Question.”

Guggenheim admits that he doesn’t know exactly what those plans are, but says that if there weren’t other plans, the character would be on the show.

The Question could pop up in any DC movie or TV series, so it’ll be interesting to see where and when he makes his debut.

For Discussing Film’s complete interview with Guggenheim, watch the video below.

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