DC Films Undergoing Another Shake-Up After JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Underperformance

Just last year, Warner Bros. formed its DC Films division in the aftermath of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s disappointing reception. Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were hired to oversee these movies. While Wonder Woman was a huge hit, Justice League was not. So, how does the studio respond? Why, with another overhaul of course.

According to Variety, WB is restructuring DC Films in response to Justice League‘s mediocre box office. Jon Berg is leaving the division and partnering with producer Roy Lee on some of the studio’s other movies. As for Geoff Johns, his role may decrease to that of an adviser. The studio hopes to complete the overhaul by January, and a new person is expected to oversee it.

Additionally, WB Pictures president Toby Emmerich is considering integrating the DC movies into the studio’s main arm, rather than keeping it a separate building on the lot. This is a contrast from Marvel Studios, which operates separately from the rest of Disney’s films, but it’s similar to Fox and Sony with their comic book properties.

Variety also says that there are no plans for Zack Snyder to direct another DC movie. However, he is attached as a producer/executive producer to several films, such as Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2. The site goes on to rehash the chaotic behind-the-scenes of Justice League‘s post-production: Snyder’s original cut was too dark, he leaves in the aftermath of a family tragedy, and Joss Whedon came on to salvage the film in reshoots.

WB was particularly concerned about Steppenwolf, as the decision to make him the main villain was considered a mistake. (Steppenwolf was probably the weakest part of Justice League, so go figure.) However, the studio believes that the film effectively introduced Aquaman and Flash. The former’s solo film is out next year, while WB is still pursuing Flashpoint.

We should expect to hear more about this latest shake-up soon. Stay tuned.

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