Ben Affleck Will Reportedly Appear in FLASHPOINT, But Not in THE BATMAN

Variety published an article last night detailing the latest overhaul at DC Films. We posted the bulk of the article’s information HERE, but it also included a big tidbit for Ben Affleck’s future as Batman.

According to the site, Affleck is expected to reprise his role in Flashpoint, a Flash-centric story that also includes other Justice League characters. Wonder Woman and Cyborg are specifically expected to be in this movie. However, it is “highly unlikely” that Affleck will star in The Batman. Director Matt Reeves reportedly wants to cast a new actor in the role.

So, what does this mean? Fans have speculated that Flashpoint will reset/reboot at least some parts of the DC Films universe, such as recasting Batman. Maybe Barry Allen’s time travel shenanigans will result in Bruce Wayne suddenly looking…very different. The new Batman actor would then go on to star in Reeves’ movie. However, fans have also speculated that The Batman could be set in the past, which could result in a younger actor being cast. But, we’ll see.

This news pretty much tells us what we already knew: Affleck is leaving the Batman role sooner than later, and he’s looking for a “cool” way to segue out of it. Flashpoint would do just that. As for who will replace him as Batman, RadarOnline claims that Jon Hamm is aggressively pursuing the role. Not the most credible source, I know, but oh well.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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