FEATURE: Ten DC Heroes Who Still Need to Appear in the Arrowverse

The CW’s Arrowverse has featured many, many iconic superheroes from DC Comics. Everyone from Flash and Green Arrow to Supergirl and Black Canary play regular roles in this franchise. We’ve even seen Superman a few times, along with some references to more popular heroes.
But, this is just scratching the surface. The DC Universe has plenty more heroes who still haven’t been brought into the Arrowverse. Some are more obscure, while others are among the world’s most iconic characters. Here are our top 10 suggestions….
The Question
Fans have wanted to see Vic Sage on Arrow for the longest time. Recently, producer Marc Guggenheim suggested that DC probably has other plans for The Question, which is why he hasn’t been on the show. But it’d be a shame if he never appeared in this universe, considering how perfect a fit he is.
Sage’s grittier, more complex characterization would make him right at home on Arrow. Introduce him as another vigilante/conspiracy theorist working in Star City, and his paths cross with Oliver Queen and the team. Seeing him interact with Flash and other characters in the Arrowverse would also be cool. But, if there’s one more DC character that Arrow has to have, it’s The Question, hands down.
Arthur Curry is one of DC’s key movie heroes right now. The character is a member of the Justice League, and he stars in next year’s Aquaman movie. So, based on DC’s film/TV embargoes, seeing Aquaman in the Arrowverse is pretty unlikely. But, we would still love to see it happen.
The Flash has mentioned Atlantis on Earth-2 a few times, while a deleted scene from the pilot suggested that Barry Allen visited Amnesty Bay to find a man who speaks to fish. So, it’s very likely that Aquaman is out there somewhere. Seeing him interact with the other heroes would be awesome, while his water-based abilities give him a unique powerset. Also, with DC Films’ Aquaman adopting the long hair/bearded look, maybe TV’s Aquaman can take a more classic approach with the blonde hair.
Green Lantern
Arrow and The Flash have referenced Green Lantern multiple times, ranging from multiple Ferris Air appearances to mentioning a missing test pilot to even a leather jacket with the name “Jordan” on it. So, there’s clear interest in bringing in Hal Jordan (and maybe other Lanterns) to the Arrowverse. However, it’s been said that DC’s big screen plans for Green Lantern are preventing this.
But if DC ever decided to let them do Green Lantern on TV, then he’d be a great fit into the Arrowverse. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen have one of the most iconic friendships in comic book history, and it would be great to see that explored on The Flash. Hal also has a key partnership with Oliver Queen, so appearing on Arrow is another option. And of course, you can’t have Hal Jordan without him becoming Green Lantern. Or can you?
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle is yet another hero who has been repeatedly referenced. I’ve lost count of how many times Kord Industries was mentioned or included on Arrow. In fact, there were plans to bring Ted Kord into the show’s third season, but since DC had other plans, they introduced Atom instead.
That being said, there hasn’t been any movement in bringing Blue Beetle to anywhere else, except for a possible role in the Booster Gold film. So, why not bring him into the Arrowverse? Even if they don’t want to have Ted Kord, they could also have Jamie Reyes, the other Blue Beetle.
Captain Atom

Captain Atom is a frequently seen member of the Justice League in the comic books and some cartoons. However, he has yet to receive a live action adaptation. He would be a perfect fit into the world of The Flash; it is easy to imagine his atomic powers working on the show. He could also be a good member on Legends of Tomorrow.

Another supporting factor here is that there seem to be no plans to have Captain Atom in any DC films or television shows. As a result, he should be free game to join the Arrowverse. All they need is a good actor and a good story, and they’ll be all set.

Booster Gold
Fans have wanted to see Booster Gold on TV for a while. It was confirmed last year that DC TV producer Greg Berlanti is bringing Booster Gold to life, but in a movie. Since then, we haven’t had any major updates, but with DC’s cinematic future unclear, it would make sense to just bring Booster Gold to the Arrowverse now.
Few heroes would fit this universe better than Booster Gold. From his charm and humor to his time travel abilities, he would be perfect for either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. In the comics, Booster Gold is revealed to be the father of Rip Hunter, so seeing that play out on Legends would be very interesting.
Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate is one of DC’s most familiar supernatural heroes. We saw his helmet on Constantine, but beyond that, there hasn’t been any movement in bringing him to DC’s other television shows or movies. So, if there truly aren’t any other plans, then there’s no reason why they can’t have him on The CW.
The Arrowverse has explored magic before, from Arrow‘s fourth season (featuring Damien Darhk and Constantine) to Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season (featuring Mallus and other magical beings). If the shows continue to explore magic, then Doctor Fate can’t be too far behind. At this point, I’d take an appearance on CW Seed’s Constantine animated series.
Wonder Woman
Right now, it’s safe to say that Wonder Woman is DC’s biggest character. Her movie broke all kinds of records this past summer, with her franchise arguably being the one thing keeping DC Films afloat. The Arrowverse hasn’t explicitly referenced Wonder Woman lore until this year, when Legends of Tomorrow briefly featured Themyscira.
As unlikely as it is to see Wonder Woman on these shows, it would still be awesome. Wonder Woman has a lengthy history on TV, and The CW even tried to take a stab at it with the defunct Amazon pilot. Also, if the Arrowverse wants to bring in more female superheroes in prominent roles, who better than the biggest female hero of them all?
Plastic Man

Yet another recognizable Justice League member in comics and cartoons, Plastic Man is undoubtedly a fun character. Warner Bros. was developing a live action Plastic Man film years ago, with the Wachowskis circling to direct. That movie never saw the light of day, but it showed that the studio had at least some interest in bringing Plastic Man into the live action world.

The Flash introduced Elongated Man this season; they even jokingly namedropped Plastic Man for the character’s codename. So, it’s unclear if The CW wants to have such a similar character show up too. But regardless, Plastic Man is a great fit into the world of the Arrowverse. He can provide comic relief, while his powers are cool. Maybe he could be a Legend of Tomorrow?

You all knew this was coming. The crown jewel of the DC Universe, Batman and his supporting cast have been infamously reserved to the movies – save for Gotham. However, that hasn’t stopped the shows from vaguely referencing him. Most recently, Arrow explicitly namedropped Bruce Wayne and Gotham City, confirming that they definitely exist in Earth-1.
While a physical Batman appearance may be unlikely, it would be so cool if it happened. Seeing him interact with Green Arrow, Flash, and the others would be delightful. He would especially be a perfect fit on Arrow…for obvious reasons. And if they can get Batman to show up, it could open the door to the rest of the Bat Family – Nightwing, Batgirl, etc. – showing up down the line.
Honorable Mentions: Zatanna, Nightwing, Lobo, Swamp Thing, Static

Which DC heroes do you want to see in the Arrowverse?

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