Review: AGENTS OF SHIELD 5×05: – "Rewind"

♫Good times don’t have to end / we can hit the rewind and do it all over again♫
When we last left our intrepid Agents, FREAKIN’ LEOPOLD FITZ showed up and crashed Kasius’ party! 
How did he GET here??? For that answer, we gotta rewind…

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD 5×05.]

Picking up right after Season 4’s diner abduction, Fitz finds himself alone at the bar surrounded by military investigators. Confused, he turns himself over, they interrogate him, and Leo offers to do anything to find his friends.

Fitz’s cellblock transforms into a research station as he pours himself into books, searching for clues, trying to find any morsel that amounts to a lead. Oh, and he develops a small habit writing coded messages to a football (soccer) magazine. You know, totally normal stuff.

Six months later, the military is fed up with Fitz lack of results; and it doesn’t help that his current theory is alien abduction. Luckilly for all, his lawyer arrives just in time to fight for his rights!

Wait… LAWYER??? Ladies and Gents, Marvel’s most wanted is in the house. Lance Hunter, football fan extrordinaire, is on the case.

The rest of the episode is tons of fun, and a reminder of just how much awesome Hunter and Bobbi once brought to this show. There’s also some cool throwbacks to prior episodes… we catch up with Enoch, resident alien abductor of our Agents. We also meet the daughter of the guy who showed Daisy a vision a couple seasons ago; turns out she’s Inhuman too, and her gift manifested in a similar, future seeing way. And in the end, Fitz learns everything he needs to know before taking a journey to the future.

Bravo, Fall Finale. Bravo.


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