Review: AGENTS OF SHIELD 5×06: "Fun & Games"

“Hello, intrepid readers! My apologies for the belated review. Coming down with the flu is not a fun experience, and I do not recommend it, especially if you’re a writer looking to write reviews for Agents of SHIELD.” – Landon

When last we left our Agents…!

…yeah, that line is getting old.

It’s like this: things were REALLY BAD. Fitz nominated Daisy to fight to the death, Coulson & co. were in a rut, and Kasius’ big plans were revealed! Where do we possibly go from here?!
[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD 5×06.]
Kicking things off, we get to see Fitz have a lot of fun buttering Kasius up. And when he finally catches up with Jemma, he PROPOSES! Only, she couldn’t hear it because of Kasius’ hearing controls. Dang, these lovebirds can’t catch a break.
Elsewhere, the Kree start rounding up more human children to expose to terigenesis, hoping to farm more Inhumans for Kasius’ sale. Coulson & co. take to a young man named Flint. When he gains the ability to move rocks with his mind, Yo-Yo rescues him and takes him into hiding.
While that’s going on, Daisy is busy trying to read the room before her big fight in Kasius’ arena. And when the fight finally happens? Well, let’s just say it was spectacular.
Overall, this was a cool episode. Seeing Fitz play this persona is a lot of fun, and the guest stars are really great, particularly Patrick Fabian’s Zandarian Merchant (though Better Call Saul fans will note: it would have been nice if he’d had a greater role and not just died).
I don’t talk about film direction much in these reviews, but this episode was Clark Gregg’s first time as a Director on the show. He brings a steady hand and a personal touch to how he films the actors; but this was also a weak episode for his first, considering Coulson & co.’s B-plot is proving to be one of the weakest this show has ever had. I’ll be glad once the B-plot merges and we can get back to some good old fashioned awesome.


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