Wally West is Coming to LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – At Least for “A Little Bit”

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From This Season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.]

In the last couple episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, the team lost not one, but two original members. Martin Stein was killed off during the “Crisis on Earth-X,” while Jax, the other half of Firestorm, left the team to go on a new path. Since the show is known for its revolving cast of characters, this led to immediate speculation on who will replace them. Marc Guggenheim previously teased that a previously-established Arrowverse character will come in, and now, we may know who it is.

It has been confirmed that Wally West, aka Kid Flash, will be popping up on Legends of Tomorrow. The CW president Mark Pedowitz told Black Girl Nerds that The Flash character would pop up on this show, but can’t confirm if it’s in a permanent role. Elsewhere, Legends star Brandon Routh tells ComicBook that Wally is definitely popping up, but may not be permanent. “You know, I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan [Lonsdale] brings to his role and to this newly-forming – is it forming? – energy of him coming in to be a part of our show for a little bit.”

So, it’s unknown if Wally will become a regular character on Legends of Tomorrow, but at least we’ll be seeing around for a bit.

Wally debuted in The Flash‘s second season, and he adopted the Kid Flash persona in season three. Fans have ridiculed the show’s lack of storyline for Wally (especially this season, where he keeps randomly disappearing for whole episodes), which led to speculation about joining Legends. If he does switch shows, Wally would fit in well with the rest of the ensemble cast. And the Waverider could definitely use a speedster.

Stay tuned for more as we have it. Legends of Tomorrow returns on Monday, February 12th at 8 PM EST on The CW.

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