Brian Michael Bendis to Write Tim Miller's KITTY PRYDE Movie

Last month, it was reported that Deadpool director Tim Miller is returning to the X-Men universe with a new film starring Kitty Pryde. Now, the movie has a screenwriter, and he’s no stranger to the Marvel Universe.

According to Deadline, Brian Michael Bendis will write the script for Miller’s X-Men project, which currently has the codename 143. (The Hollywood Reporter confirms that this is the same thing as the Kitty Pryde movie.) The codename is a reference to Uncanny X-Men #143, which was the first Pryde solo issue, depicting her battle with a demon in the X-mansion. However, it’s unknown if that’s the actual plot of the movie.

Bendis was one of Marvel’s most prolific comic book writers, penning many, many issues. He was also a co-creator for characters like Miles Morales and Jessica Jones. Most recently, Bendis switched over to DC Comics, where he will be writing the Superman comics.

Stay tuned for more 143 news as we have it.

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