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ULTIMATE AVENGERS II: The [Spoiler] Review

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Welcome back for another installment of our 7 Days of Black Panther series! Today I will be giving you my insight on Ultimate Avengers II: Rise of the Panther. Now I’ve done some bare minimum research, and what I’ve found isn’t too encouraging, but we can hope for the best here yes?
Now! We begin in Wakanda, where T’Challa is being sort of welcomed back to Wakanda. I say sort of, because he doesn’t get quite a great reception. But anyways! Later that night, the king (current Black Panther) encourages T’Challa, that the people’s opinion will change, and the king heads out as the Black Panther, where he runs into – gasp! Aliens?!? And a soldier? This is confusing…
T’Challa followed his father, when will the kiddos learn? The soldier goes to kill T’Challa, but the king jumps in the way, and he dies instead of his son. SMH boy SMH.
T’Challa, and his people mourn the king, and, I guess the queen? or secretary? I’m not sure… she shows T’Challa where the headquarters of the Black Panther are. T’Challa steps in alone, and he sees a newspaper clipping of Captain America, and the soldier that killed his father.
We now step to a fight scene with Black Widow and Captain America – Captain America is a little off, he’s got a bit of an attitude! (Please note, I have not watched Ultimate Avengers I, so if there is any significance to that movie, I don’t have it) 😀 The fight ends, and Nick Fury sidelines Steve, saying he needs the R&R.
Dr. Banner is in prison, where he is being interrogated about why he turned into the Hulk? I am probably missing something important…
Stever is asleep, having a dream about his time in WWII, when all of the sudden, he’s attacked by the Black Panther?!?!?! Nick Fury apparently knows what’s going on, we can see what he says. T’Challa confronts Fury for information about the soldier that killed his father, and Steve tells him that he (Steve) has killed the soldier twice and he always comes back. Fury pleads to T’Challa to let the avengers in to Wakanda, but he refuses.
In a new area, we see Giant-Man and Wasp. Giant Man gets mad, cause he can’t be super gigantic.
We now head to the mountains, with Tony Stark and a group of other people. Stark’s chest magnet stops working while he’s climbing, but he has a spare, no worries!
Now it is Thor’s turn! He’s trying to see the future? At least, that’s what I think it is. He sees a bunch of skeletons lying around, so I’m assuming!
Everybody reunites at the SHIELD facility, where we find that Dr. Banner did something terribly wrong, but anyways! I’m gonna assume we’ll come back to that.
The avengers convene in the war room, where Fury gives the avengers the information about the super soldier, Klizer(sp?). He’s actually an alien shape shifter! Captain America wants to go in alone, but Fury says heck no! Black Widow will take the lead, and Captain  America gets demoted.
Back in Wakanda, the super secret Avengers team lands, and they split up for surveillance. Next, Captain America takes us into his memories, where he shows us each time he killed Klizer. The Avengers run into Black Panther again, and he takes Captain America with him, and demands the rest return to the ship. (They don’t of course, and they get attacked by natives, as per usual). Black Panther gives Captain America a history lesson about Wakanda, and we Klizer’s first interaction with the Wakandans. The secretary comes to warn T’Challa about the Avengers intruding, and she sees the Captain. The other Avengers get attacked, and they are reprimanded and therefore are told to return to the SHIELD facility, injured and beat up.
We see Thor again, seeking Odin’s advice on what befalls the Avengers, for those skeletons he saw were the Avengers! Odin forbids Thor from participating any longer, but Thor refuses to obey the order, saying he is already a part of it.
SHIELD very clearly wants to keep Banner from getting angry again, they keep dosing him with medication to keep him calm. Hmmmmm.
The Avengers are flying back to the SHIELD headquarters, when a Ji’Tari shows up on the radar! Captain loses it, and goes after the it, even after being told not to. This – this could be bad.
T’Challa is removed from the throne because he let outsiders in. He runs out of the throne room, dons the costume of Black Panther, and meets up with Captain America somehow. They decide to team up, and they take down the Ji’Tari, and bring it back to the Avenger’s ship. They put it down, only to find Black Panther was Klizer! Not T’Challa! OMG.
Thor brings news of a Ji’Tari ship in the atmosphere, but he is too later. Klizer got the Ji’Tari warship to fire on the Avenger cruiser, and the blast almost destroys the Avengers. In fact, if Thor hadn’t teleported to retrieve them, they would have died!
*****Right now we’re at the 41 minute mark and I am BORED. No bueno, come on.
Stark returns to Stark tower, where he has a butler. They pull him out of his damaged suit, and he picks a new one, War Machine!
Banner is watching a video of the Hulk smashing a ship, and he helps Betty, a research doctor at SHIELD, discover how they could weaken the vibranium. Banner  begs Betty to let him out, but we find Banner is in so much trouble, only Fury has the code that will release him from his prison.
The Ji’Tari warship is raining shots down all across the world. They are looking for the precious metal, vibranium! Thanks for that knowledge T’Challa. He requests help from SHIELD, and gets a spear thrown at him for his troubles. Thanks elder, that’s what T’Challa should definitely get for trying to save his people.
Thor transports the Avengers to Wakanda, and he has jormandur! The hammer ax, the weapon of mass destruction, woohoo! Good fight scene is next, decent visuals. Oh! They manage to weaken the vibranium for modification using Banner’s trick and oh wow! The Ji’Tari try to kill Dr. Banner ! Ohhh yeah, Betty to the rescue. Um, well… nevermind. Banner dies from a medication overdose. That sucks. 
Klizer puts a shot through T’Challa’s chest, and more of the Avengers are being injured. Black Widow tries to get a distraction going, so they can pull their wounded out and regroup.
Betty brings the Avengers the gamma ray gun to weaken the vibranium core of the Ji’Tari ship, and Iron Man straps the gun on, and Giant Man turns tiny, and decides to go along for the ride.
Meanwhile, Captain America and Black Panther face  Klizer, and Black Panther tears Klizer to pieces, and they try and force him down a hole as he puts himself back together. Captain America and Black Panther drown him! Yay!!!!
Hey! Hulk is alive!
Iron Man and Giant Man successfully destroy the alien ship, and they fly back to Earth a little on the rough path back. Giant Man dies, as the cost between going from regular to big, and big to tiny and tiny to big, was just too much for his body to handle.
Part of the alien ship however comes crashing back to Earth, and goes to land on Wakanda, but Iron Man deflects the fragment successfully, at the cost of power to his chest magnet. Thor successfully revives him however, so it is ok! The good guys win!
The team gathers sometime later to celebrate the life of Giant Man, Steve and Natalia kiss, and it is a happily ever after! The end!:)
Just kidding. Some last thoughts from me!
I mean the movie isn’t terrible. I could definitely see a kid really enjoying this movie. It was fun towards the end, the action was nice. I would probably recommend watching Ultimate Avengers I first though. That probably would have made me more involved in the storyline. 
Oh well, better luck next time I guess right?
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Have you seen Ultimate Avengers II? Let us know your thoughts @AstonishMarvels on twitter, and make sure you come back tomorrow for the next part of our Black Panther series!

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