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Four Marvel Comic Characters That Deserve Their Own Video Game

     The video game industry has been hit and miss when it comes to adapting superheroes into video game form. Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Batman have all had great games, but for the most part most superhero games have been movie tie-ins which tend to be terrible. Unfortunately, the video game industry (with the exception of the Batman: Arkham series) has not taken advantage of the superhero movie craze that has swept through the world over the past several years. We here at Astonishing Marvels have some suggestions for Marvel characters that deserve to have their own video games.
1.     Black Panther: Black Panther is a cultural phenomenon right now and what better way to capitalize on this by giving him his own video game. Black Panther could be a great action-adventure game taking place in Wakanda in the vain of Assassin’s Creed with T’Challa building up Wakandan economy and government as part of a side quest. The game’s environment would also be unique as Wakanda is a futuristic society yet is surrounded by the African forest. This would be welcome change from the urban based free roam superhero games that have been released.
2.     Jessica Jones: A Jessica Jones video game would have to be a different superhero game because she isn’t a superhero. She’s a private detective who takes cases pertaining to superheroes. Jessica Jones would make a perfect Telltale video game. Telltale excels at making great player choice driven detective games based on comic books. The Wolf Among Us and Batman: The Telltale Series showed that Telltale would be more than able to adapt a Marvel character. Jessica Jones would be an easy game for Telltale to make and one that would give fans a different perspective on the heroes of the Marvel Universe.
3.     Blade: The rise of Black Panther and the popularity of Marvel’s Netflix shows has given way to speculation that Blade could make a return to either film or TV. Wesley Snipes himself as stated in interviews and on social media that he would be more than willing to reprise the role of Blade. Blade’s character of a vampire slayer would make for a unique superhero game because he only fights a specific type of enemy and does not wear a conventional costume. A Blade video game would also have to be a horror video game. As a result, this game could be as bloody as possible. One problem that could arise with gameplay is combat. Blade carries guns and a samurai sword to fight vampires. Players who play the game could theoretically use only guns and not use the samurai sword at all. One way to remedy this is to give Blade’s guns a certain amount of ammunition and to give enemies certain weaknesses. For instance, certain enemies can be immune to gunfire, but vulnerable to Blade’s samurai sword and vice versa. A Blade video game would also give Wesley Snipes the perfect opportunity to reprise his most famous role.
4.     Daredevil: Daredevil is the closest thing Marvel has to a Batman like character, which means it is the closest Marvel could get to creating a game like the Batman: Arkham series. What would make a Daredevil game unique is the character’s blindness, which gives him superhuman senses. This game would have to make this an essential component of the game in order to give the player the full experience of what it’s like to be Daredevil. Daredevil’s alter ego is Matt Murdock, who works as a small-time attorney based out of Hell’s Kitchen. Murdock frequently takes on cases that he frequently solves as Daredevil. One portion of the game could be the player taking the role of Matt Murdock in L.A. Noire type scenarios which leads to Murdock assuming the role of Daredevil to solve these cases. The storyline of the game could be Matt Murdock taking cases that ultimately reveal a deep conspiracy of some sort and only Daredevil can bring an end to it.

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