[Spoiler] Exits ARROW as Series Regular

This week saw the return of Arrow from its final hiatus of the season. This episode sees Oliver Queen and the team face off against the Thanatos Guild, which consists of former League of Assassins members who follow the late Malcolm Merlyn.

Meanwhile, Nyssa al Ghul returns, while Dinah and Curtis continue to investigate the Star City Police Department (SCPD). The episode had some very interesting plot twists and character development.

As the episode continued current plot threads and setting up new ones, Arrow bids farewell to a longtime character, who has formally left the show as a series regular. While some may have predicted the exit, it will surely serve as a disappointment to others.

[The Following Contains SPOILERS From Arrow Season 6 Episode 16, “The Thanatos Guild.”]

So, in this week’s Arrow, Thea Queen left Star City. Actress Willa Holland will no longer be a series regular on the show. In her conflict with the Thanatos Guild, Thea discovers the existence of three Lazarus Pits, found in a map owned by Malcolm. She and Roy Harper join Nyssa in order to find and destroy the Pits.

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim gave the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re very sad to see Willa go. She’s been a critical part of Arrow since its inception and a wonderful and talented person to boot. But we’re in our sixth season now and supportive of her wish to stretch her legs and pursue other creative opportunities. The door is always open for Willa to return if she has a hankering to.”

Thea has been a key character on Arrow ever since the pilot, serving as a crucial member of Oliver’s family. She goes on to discover her true parentage, become the vigilante Speedy, and even work as chief of staff for her mayor brother. However, in the last two seasons, Thea has been on the show less and less, due to Holland’s more limiting contracts. In fact, for most of this season’s first half, Thea was in a coma. With Holland’s exit, only four original cast members of Arrow are still on the show as regulars: Stephen Amell (Oliver), David Ramsey (Diggle), Katie Cassidy (Earth-1 and Earth-2 Laurel), and Paul Blackthorne (Quentin).

The exit also comes at a time when the Arrow cast is undergoing negotiations to extend their contracts, which is typical for shows in their sixth seasons. While a seventh season isn’t confirmed, the show is considered a good bet to be renewed.
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