MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE: Talks of Rating, and Rumored Villain

Morbius the Living Vampire is the next movie that will arrive from Sony’s own cinematic universe with 30 seconds from Mars lead singer Jared Leto playing the title character. If a report from ThatHashtagshow is correct, we now know who the antagonist is. According to them, the villain will be the character Crown (or Hunger as he also goes by). The character will, however, go by the name of Loxias Crown in the movie (no this is not a name that he has in the comics)

Crown’s first comic book appearance was in Spiderman #73 released in 1997 and have been a foe for both Morbius and the web-slinger himself.

Hopefully, we will know if this is true or not soon, considering we are close to production. 

you that have your hopes up that Morbius is going to be R-rated, I have
some bad news for you. Based upon the interview Collider did with Avi
and Matt Tolmach, they where asked about a few things, rating included.

According to them, filming is starting in February. When the discussion of the
rating came up, Avi and Tom said that it depends on the story they developed and
if it did not go against the character. Reading the interview, I can
see what they are coming from, even though we are talking about the
infamous Avi Arad. 

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Sources: ThatHashtagShow, Collider

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