FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4×17- “Null and Annoyed”

The Flash (4×17) – “Null
and Annoyed”
Written by:         Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim
Directed by:       Kevin
“It’s that
time of year again” is a phrase I use a lot in the spring.  Usually when I see Roman Reigns is about to
Main Event WrestleMania, and usually in the same way someone would say, “I’m
getting audited.”  (Roman is why
wrestling fans are learning Japanese.)
In this
case, it’s a more positive tone because everyone’s favorite mid-nineties
slacker film director Kevin Smith has returned!
I’m excited
for two reasons: First, every week I sit down to write these reviews vowing to
reign myself in and change the way I attack writing a review so this week I’m
really going to get that done.  Second, I’m
a long time Kevin Smith fan  but that’s
going to happen when you work in a video store and a guy releases a movie about
guys that works in a video store… (Do I have to explain video stores? Do you
understand that before you could get movies on your phone and even before you
could get movies in the mail you had to go down to the local strip mall and
rent movies in a shop… Do you understand the concept, Paul?)
Like a lot
of Smith films, the plot isn’t advanced all that much but where Kevin always
shines is digging into our characters and their interaction to make them more
relatable and interesting… and also possibly linking up his cinematic universe
with the CW-Verse using Jay and Silent Bob.
The big
stuff was Barry and Ralph butting head over personality conflicts with Barry
struggling in the role of mentor as Ralph begins to chaff under the nature of
that relationship (A problem’s Barry’s had with Wally and Cisco before) and
Cisco trying to help Breacher regain his powers only to learn that age is
catching up with his powers.  Meanwhile,
Marlize has discovered that Clifford has been drugging her to keep her
three characters her are presented with a terrifying situation and each reacts
differently and… I’ve only just worked that out so take that for what it is.  Pretty damn cool, Kevin.
This episode
seems to be the send-off for Danny Trejo as Breacher, and also a potential
write-off for Cisco as Breacher asked for Cisco to take his place.
judging by the epilogue this week, there is something very ominous going on
with Harry and I’m very excited to see this play out.
Hey!  I did it! 
I didn’t spend half the review transcribing the episode and just got to
reviewing instead!  Thanks Kevin Smith!
Just don’t think this means I’m going to go easy on you when it’s time to give
the score.
Speaking of
the score…
Three Things We Learned This Week:
1)      Age
has a deteriorative effect on a meta’s powers.
2)      Marlize
has discovered Clifford’s manipulations several times and been thwarted by her
husband each time.
3)      Clifford
has less than a week to either five a new host or overcome the deterioration of
his body due to dark matter.
Three Questions:
1)      Was
that really Jay and Silent Bob?
2)      Will
Cisco take up Breacher’s offer to work with Gypsy?
3)      What’s
Harry doing with Gideon in the Time Vault and why am I very worried?

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