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Review: AGENTS OF SHIELD 5×10: “Past Life”

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, LANDON???” I hear you say. Well, what happened to me is a lot of crazy stuff. Plus, I was just BUSY. And busy people don’t have time for TV.

But the good news for you is that I am finally less busy and ready to catch up! Let’s drive in, shall we?

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD 5×10.]

When last we left our intrepid Agents, Tess was resurrected from beyond the grave, Sinara died in a spectacular zero G battle, and Kassius teased his clairvoyant.

“Past Life” picks up in fine fashion. Kassius is TICKED about loosing Sinara, and ultimately, he decides to go down with The Lighthouse by consuming a suicidal strength enhancer.

Meanwhile, Coulson & co. are on a mission to find Flint so he can reconstruct the Monolith and the team can use it to get home. Once they do, things happen about how you’d expect them to. But not without some surprises.

Yo-Yo has an encounter with Kassius’ clairvoyant, only to learn that… she’s herself. An older, tortured self, killed and brought back to life over and over again whenever Kassius wants information about the past. This Elena tells her past self that Coulson is dying, and that she must let him die to prevent the end of the world.


How will that impact things going forward? Only time will tell. Luckily, the next episode should provide some helpful answers as our Agents FINALLY return home.

Some Observations:

  • AT LAST, Kassius is dead. I’m of the opinion that he was a pretty underwhelming villain, and I hope the back half of this season has more to offer.
  • His big fight with Mack was cool, though. And the death of Clairvoyant Yo-Yo has gotta have some major ripple effect, right?
  • Fare thee well, Enoch. We hardly knew ye.
  • Fare thee well, Deke… wait, is Deke *really* dead?! We never saw a body… Just saying.


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