Supergirl Season 3: Midseason Recap

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Man yall its been awhile! This year has definitely been weird for Supergirl. After the typical winter hiatus, Supergirl returned for four episodes, only to give way for Legends of Tomorrow to finish off its season. Now today, the Girl of Steel returns! And just in time for our Legacy of the Superman week series, which you can find all of the features at right HERE! 
But lets get down to business. You’re here to get a refresher on Supergirl after all! There are plenty of SPOILERS below for episodes 0301-0313, so please, take care.
This season has been awesome. The Worldkillers have been a great foil for Kara this season, and we’ve really seen Kara grow as a character, as a hero. Talking about Kara as Kara, and not Supergirl – I cried last season when Mon-El had to leave; like he and Kara are perfect together. So I was disappointed to see him return with a wife, Imra, and the other Legion member that traveled back with them, Braniac-5. I wanted them to love each other for ever and ever ok? I’m sorry!
So Legion. The Legion of Superheroes came in episode 0307, where Kara, J’onn and Winn discover a crashed spaceship below National City. They rescued Mon-El, Imra, and Braniac-5 from the ship, and discover they have traveled back from the 31st century to help save the future by obtaining a cure, for a disease affecting their time period. We’ve only seen the Legion for a few episodes, and if I’m right about what Imra and Braniac-5 were planning, we won’t see them for much longer, but Mon-El should be staying around! *insert happy dance here*
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I mean come on! Look at them! Perfect loving glare at each other, *lovey dovey eyes*
Reign has been a great villain this year. I would rank her in the top 5 of the Arrowverse villains actually. It is so intriguing seeing her be a friend to Kara, and an enemy to Supergirl. I’m interested to see if they will reveal her identity before the end of the season. They most likely will, but it’ll probably be a cliffhanger at the very end of the season. Actually, yes, calling my shot right now, Reign has fallen, Supergirl removes the mask, and sees its Sam, end season. We’ll see in June now!
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I think something this season that has helped immensely is they haven’t focused on having story lines for secondary characters, they’ve focused primarily on Kara being Supergirl, which I enjoy a lot more personally, because it can be hard to focus on what is going on with other characters when something different happens every episode. I mean yes, there’s the romance between Jimmy and Lena, we have Alex dealing with heartbreak, J’onn getting his father back, but they aren’t spending 10-15 minutes per episode on those characters anymore. Just a sprinkling here and there, which helps move the story along, helping Kara grow as a character.
Overall, I’m excited for the rest of the season! Can’t wait to see what happens! 
Supergirl returns tonight, April 16th 2018 at 8 pm EST on the CW.

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