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Matthew Vaughn Confirms Plans for KINGSMAN Cinematic Universe and KICK-ASS Reboot

Matthew Vaughn has been a frequent collaborator with comic book writer Mark Millar, having adapted his work with 2010’s Kick-Ass and the two Kingsman movies. Now, he’s confirmed that he will continue working on both franchises, via his Marv Studios.

Speaking with Empire Online, Vaughn reveals plans for a Kick-Ass reboot. He says to look at current comics for a hint on the franchise’s new direction. In the latest comics, an African-American single mother named Patience Lee took on the mantle of Kick-Ass. Vaughn also says that a solo film for Hit-Girl is being discussed; that will either focus on her older self or on her younger self with Big Daddy.

As for Kingsman, there are big plans for expansion. Vaughn confirms that he’s doing a third movie, which will conclude the Harry-Eggsy story arc. This will be shot back-to-back with Kingsman: The Great Game, a prequel spinoff that explores Kingsman in the early 1900s. Additionally, there are plans for a Statesman spinoff, following the American agents we met in The Golden Circle (starring Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry), while an 8-hour television show is in the works.

Clearly, there are still big plans for MillarWorld’s two big franchises. And that’s on top of the company’s acquisition by Netflix last year. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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