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IRON FIST Season 2 Will Arrive This Year

Production recently wrapped on Iron Fist‘s second season. While a lot of details are still under wraps, it looks like the new season will be out sooner than expected.

During a Reddit AMA, Marvel television head Jeph Loeb confirmed that Iron Fist season two is “coming this year.” Netflix has already released Jessica Jones season two this year, with Luke Cage‘s second season arriving later this month. And while a date isn’t confirmed yet, it was announced previously that Daredevil season three is also coming this year.

So, unless Daredevil is pushed back to 2019, Iron Fist will push Netflix’s Marvel output to four shows a year, setting a new record. Initially, Netflix put out two shows a year, before upping to three in 2017.

Additionally, Loeb answered a fan’s question regarding Iron Fist’s costume, saying that the fan will be “very happy” with season two. Fans have wanted to see Danny Rand’s iconic costume for a while, and this answer is certainly promising.

For Loeb’s full AMA, click HERE.

Danny Rand will next be seen in Luke Cage season two, which hits Netflix on June 22nd.

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