FEATURE: Why Scarlet Witch and Vision Deserve a Team-Up Film

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When Wanda Maximoff and The Vision hit the ground running in Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans have been clamoring for them to get more screen time. And in the years since, they have. Sorta. Captain America: Civil War gave them some great moments, and Avengers: Infinity War gave them some bigger moments. But at the end of the day, there’s only so much development you can do in the team up movies. Vision and Scarlet Witch aren’t easy supporting characters the way Black Widow or Hawkeye are; they deserve a greater level of development than they’ve been given.

And the solution? A team-up film.

Last year, Screen Junkies’ Roth Cornet pitched her own Scarlet Witch and Vision film, and it was the first time I realized the great potential of the concept.

What Roth pitched was a twisted rom-com. What I would like to see would be less like Ant-Man & The Wasp, and more like like their scenes in Avengers: Infinity War
Let’s face it: these characters have been under-powered in all of their on-screen appearances. Vision has abilities that would surpass those of Superman. Scarlet Witch of the comics has abilities that surpass her father, Magneto, and Doctor Strange. Any Scarlet Witch & Vision film needs to go all out on their powers. Hold nothing back. Show how great power requires… great restraint. 
Secondly, any good Scarlet Witch and Vision film would focus on their romance. Marvel’s had a lot of romantic flirtations; but aside from Tony and Pepper and Steve and Peggy, the MCU has mostly avoided any seriousness on the subject. While I’m not usually someone who clamors for a lot of romantic stories in comic book movies, here is a pair who would benefit from it. Two broken people, coming together for the common good, for each other, for no one and everything.
Finally, the other great reason to make a Scarlet Witch/Vision team-up movie? Because it would be different. It wouldn’t be goofy jokes. It wouldn’t be cosmic shenanigans. It wouldn’t be dark and gritty either. 
It would just be real life. Wanda and Vision work best when they’re not pushed into the fantastical. THEY ALREADY ARE FANTASTICAL. That’s the catch: unlike the many other characters in the MCU, Wanda and Vision long to be normal people, and any great team-up film would mine that well for all its worth. The central question throughout the movie would be this great “What if?” And whichever direction the creative team goes with it, poignancy is bound to follow.
No matter where Marvel takes us in the future, the fantastic characters of the MCU deserve only the best. Post-Avengers 4, I hope we see them mining characters like Scarlet Witch and Vision for all the powerful tales they can muster.

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