OFFICIAL: 7 Days of ATTACK ON TITAN on WOBAM! Entertainment

For our next article series, we at WOBAM! Entertainment will be touching on one of the biggest anime/manga franchises active today. With season three premiering in Japan soon, we’ll be focusing on the history of Attack on Titan.

Beginning on Sunday, July 15th, we’ll be posting a new article dedicated to Attack on Titan. The series will conclude on Saturday, July 21st, which happens to be the same day that we’ll launch another article series. (More on that later…)
This series will be coordinated by Isak, so if you have any questions or other comments, be sure to hit him up on Twitter.
Here is our tentative schedule:
Day 1 (July 15th): Attack on Titan Season 1 Review
Day 2 (July 16th): Attack on Titan Season 2 Review
Day 3 (July 17th): Attack on Titan: Junior High Review
Day 4 (July 18th): Attack on Titan Live Action Part 1 Review
Day 5 (July 19th): Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2 Review
Day 6 (July 20th): Why There Should Be Another Attempt at Attack on Titan in Live Action
Day 7 (July 21st): Attack on Titan Video Game Review

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