Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action (Part 2)

The second movie takes off where the first one left off. What more can I really say as a synopsis?

You know the saying “it might get better from here”? I wished this statement would fit when it came to these live-action adaptations, but sadly they don’t. If anything it is only making it worse. The only benefits that this second part has over its predecessors is that it tries to world build. But going one step forward is not an overall improvement when you at the same time walk steps backward.

I don’t know how they pulled it off, but the movie looks uglier than the previous attempt (and if they shoot it back to back, I want to ask… HOW?), while the deaths that happen feel pointless. Like a hack attempt of slasher films that kill their victims because they follow a power point rather without a story developed.

Like the previous movie the only thing that I can give it credit is the actors. It shows that they are giving everything they have with the little they have.

I wish I could write some more to go into detail, but it would probably be me shouting curse words for about six or seven pages. I dislike this movie (or should I say movies?) that much. For those that wonder what my opinion is of them having cars and all the other modern technology. While it might be a bit annoying, that aspect is the least of the movie’s problems.

Part 2 gets 1/10 like it’s predecessor just for the fact that it is the lowest score I give. 

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