DEADPOOL 2 Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Appearance From…The Fantastic Four?

When Deadpool 2 first entered development, director Tim Miller was set to return after the first film’s massive success. However, he eventually left the project due to creative differences. David Leitch later replaced him. Not too much has been known about how Miller’s version differs from what we got, but it turns out he planned on including Marvel’s First Family.

Concept artist Alexander Lozano has been posting his artwork from Miller’s Deadpool 2 on social media. They mostly include alternative designs for characters like Cable and Juggernaut. But most significantly, he worked on designs for the Fantastic Four. Not just any Fantastic Four, either.

Apparently, Miller wanted the cast of 2015’s Fantastic Four to return for Deadpool 2. Their exact roles are unknown, but it’s easy to imagine Deadpool making fun of the film’s colossal failure in classic fourth-wall breaking. Lozano’s designs are more comic-accurate, and Miller seemed especially interested in making The Thing look as comic book-y as possible. Check them out below.

It’s a shame that the Fantastic Four was cut from Deadpool 2, especially since the franchise’s future is uncertain. Despite Disney being in the process of acquiring Fox, Marvel hasn’t been in a big hurry to bring the F4 or X-Men into the MCU – at least right away. Stay tuned for more as we have it.
Deadpool 2 hits Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K on Tuesday, August 14th.
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