Venom Producer Talks MORBIUS Movie

No matter what your thoughts are about Tom Hardy’s split persona with a massive tongue, it certainly looks the Sony Universe is not hitting the breaks. According to Venom producers Matt Tolmach and the infamous Avi Arad, they say in an interview that Morbius the living vampire is the next project they are putting on the conveyor belt. They also mention that the fans of the living vampire can expect a solid job from the singer turned actor, Jared Leto

Tolmach said: We’re obviously working on Morbius now. That’s sort of next up for us. When asked about Leto’s commitment to the role and if it’s similar to his performance as the Joker, Tolmach said: Just a similar level of intensity and charisma and devotion to the character. Arad then added: And loving the character.

Michael Morbius is a character created by Roy Thomas, introduced as a Spider-Man antagonist in  The Amazing Spider-Man #101. Later down the line as an anti-hero. Before he was the living vampire, Morbius was an award-winning scientist. His vampire nature sprang fourth after a failed experiment… And where have I heard this story before?

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Source: Comicbook

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