Batman Under The Red Hood

Chaos arises for Batman
when a mysterious Red Hood is busting into Gotham. Someone that ends up being a harder opponent then he expected.

If there is one storyline that I keep hearing Batman fans wants a cinematic movie adaptation, it’s Under The Red Hood. After
rewatching it for I don’t know how long, I understand the hope for it. It’s a
personal story, and stories like those (at least in my opinion) is when Batman
shines the most. Just look at Mask of Phantasm which is another fan favorite. A
personal story to its core which is what
makes people so attached to it.

While Under the Red Hood dwells into the psychology of Bruce Wayne like Mask of
Phantasm do, it taps on another part of his psychology. Most important his
anger and disappointment in himself. Why he approaches
his crime-fighting in his traditional sense
instead of going the easy way out as most would.

The biggest problem I have with this movie is some of the dialogue. It’s just that
more often then not, the dialogue is written in such a way that they might as
well have said character to look at the screen and break the fourth wall with its
lines like Deadpool.

Red Hood is a movie that wants to pull on the heartstrings and does it well. It
has some of the best-choreographed action scenes I have ever seen in an animated
movie from DC Comics. The voice acting of this movie is downright perfect, be
it Bruce Greenwoods Bruce Wayne or John DiMaggio’s Joker.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you watch it. It’s a good 75 minutes
that I think is worth spending.

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