Rocksteady Denies Development on a Superman Game

For the longest time, a Superman video game has been rumored to be in development at Rocksteady, the creator of the Batman: Arkham franchise. Fans have been hoping for an announcement, but month after month, Rocksteady hasn’t said anything. Now, we have a slight update on the company’s next game…at least, what it isn’t.

Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill confirmed on Twitter that there won’t be an announcement at The Game Awards this week, and the company’s next game will be confirmed as soon as it’s ready. But if you’re hoping to play as the Man of Steel, get ready to be disappointed.

So, whatever Rocksteady’s next game is, it won’t revolve around Superman. Other rumors have ranged from Justice League to Suicide Squad to even another Batman title. Or, maybe Rocksteady is working on something completely different. We’re gonna have to keep waiting to find out.
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Source: Twttter 

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