FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×10- “The Flash and the Furious”

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The Flash (5×10)- “The Flash and the Furious”

Written by:         Kelly Wheeler & Sterling Gates

Directed by:       David McWhirter

Alright! The second half of Season five kicks off with a title I am genuinely surprised they didn’t use earlier.  (It’s like how both the Bruce Timm Batman cartoon and “The Batman” reworked Batman film titles for Batgirl episodes, you just know the next Batman cartoon will have an episode called “Batgirl v Superman” at some point.)

The episode opens pretty much where we left off in the 100th episode with Nora in the future talking with Eobard Thawne still looking like Wells. (They’ll have to explain that soon enough.) We quickly learn that Nora’s been talking with Thawne and it’s all but stated that he taught her how to use her powers and that he’s seeking redemption by doing so but Nora’s done with him.

Back in present day the team is recapping what they know about Cicada before Barry heads off to testify at the Weather Witch trial.  After Barry, Iris and Nora leave Caitlin takes Cisco in the medical area to remove the shards of Cicada’s dagger from Cisco’s hands and hopefully get his powers working correctly.  Which leaves Sherloque to work on the mystery of Nora’s diary.

With all our ongoing plots moving along it’s time to talk about this week’s villain.  Meet Silver Ghost:

Excuse me, meet the New Silver Ghost! 

The Flash and the Furious Silver Ghost

After a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force, Raya Van Zandt acquired a meta-tech infused key fob that lets her use any modern car and also give off some sort of energy burst that causes Barry’s powers to go haywire which sidelines him for most of the episode.  So he isn’t around as Nora goes into the Judge Dredd region of the “I love justice” spectrum at Weather Witch’s trial and wants to make sure she goes to jail for life even while Cecile tries to soften her sentence.

Nor is he around as Cisco decides that he hates his powers now.  In fact, he hates them so much he decides to create a cure because things that always work for the best.

Lastly, and most importantly, Barry isn’t around to stop Raya from intercepting Weather Witch’s prison transfer so they can reform the Rogues under her leadership.  Her plan is to steal a Wayne Tech prototype super-car…

Not that one!

Not that one either!

A different super-car (that didn’t come in black) so they can be unstoppable.  Good thing they’ve established that Batman disappeared because he doesn’t take kindly to people that aren’t Selina Kyle stealing his stuff.

Weather Witch tries to turn herself in but with Nora in a “no such thing as redemption” mood leading to a series of coincidences she eventually decides to help Silver Ghost steal the car and they go on an evil joyride before Nora is able to convince Weather Witch surrender the car.  Still the pair make their escape as the episode wraps up.  Meanwhile, Caitlin decides to help Cisco with his guaranteed not to blow up in their faces plan to create meta-human cure.

Speaking of wrapping things up, Nora heads back to 2049 to talk to Eobard and it is revealed that he’s soon to be executed for his many, many, many crimes by helping her find Barry.  While in the present, Sherloque is getting closer to finding out the mysteries of Nora’s journal by using Gideon in the Time Vault and it is reveal that Nora is in fact hiding something from the gang… safe to assume it that she’s working with Eobard Thawne.

Not a lot to this episode, I mean the opening scene and the wrap up send our characters off in some interesting directions but for most of the episode they were kind of spinning their wheels (pardon the phrasing) with a rather basic plot.  Our villain of the week, played by Gabrielle Walsh, doesn’t really do much with what little they give her to do, nor does Reina Hardesty and it kind felt like they wrote the episode in such a way to hide that Grant Gustin wasn’t there because his part of the episode feels like it could have been done in one day.

This was really just sort of an hour of television that passed with a few hooks for future episodes and that’s about it.

Things We Learned in “The Flash and the Furious”:

  1. Nora is definitely working with Eobard Thawne in 2049.
  2. Eobard has one hour left before his execution.
  3. Silver Ghost and Weather Witch are starting their own version of the Rogues.
  4. Cisco is working on a meta-human cure.

Questions from “The Flash and the Furious”:

  1. Why did Nora originally seek out Thawne?
  2. How exactly did Van Zandt find out about the WayneTech super-car?
  3. What happened to Thawne that caused this change of heart if it is genuine?

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