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STAR WARS, the Neglected Hyperdrive of Electronic Arts

No matter the platform you prefer to play your games on, I think most of us can agree that Electronic Arts is a bad joke that keeps on rolling with their bad business practices. The joke gets even worse when Star Wars enters the mix. Let me give you a quick rundown. Star Wars hype was through the roof in 2015. The Force Awakens was about to release, as well as Star Wars Battlefront from DICE Studios. But then December came, and the return of Star Wars kicked off with mixed results

The Force Awakens ended up with positive reactions from critics and fans alike. Electronic Arts’ first attempt at a Battlefront game ended up being a massive disappointment. Critics called the game a half-baked rush job that wanted to ride on the hype of The Force Awakens. Electronic Arts acted like they took the criticism to heart, being loud and clear that the sequel would be an apology letter.

Two years later, and the sequel to Battlefront was received with much worse reception. Star Wars Battlefront II also made politicians around the globe look into regulating in-game purchases like loot boxes and microtransactions.

Then, on January 16th, 2019, Kotaku’s own Jason Schreier reported the open world game that had been in development for some time was canceled.

Since obtaining the Star Wars contract in 2013, Electronic Arts has not done the property justice. They’ve had a handful of terrible mobile games and two disappointing console games. You don’t need to be the biggest Star Wars fan in the galaxy to realize the waste of time and potential.

Imagine the possibilities if this license could get into the hands of developers like CD Project Red, Rocksteady or Insomniac. With any of the developers previously mentioned, Star Wars could flourish like never before in the video games.

As of right now, Respawn Studio is doing a Star Wars game called Jedi Fallen Order. If Jedi Fallen Order is a mess, then Disney needs to take a cue from the developer Bungie, who recently parted ways with Activision and took their game Destiny with them. There needs to be a shift in power over Star Wars video games, and it should be in favor of the fans.

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