The Icicle Cometh

THE FLASH SPOILER Review: S5 E6- “The Icicle Cometh”

The Icicle Cometh

The Flash S5 E6- “The Icicle Cometh”

Written by:         Kristen Kim & Joshua V Gilbert

Directed by:       Chris Peppe

Watching this episode I realized a few things; One: I must have watched this episode when I first came back from Japan to catch up because this was the déjà vu hour.  Two: Not a lot happened because I actually smashed most of what happened in this episode in the following episode.  Three: It’s time to put a name to episodes like this because while not a whole lot happened a lot of plot points for the overall season were kind of brought closer to the surface.

First there was Caitlin and her dad… A CW show where the characters has messed up relationship with their parent and it turns out the parent did something to them when they were a kid?!  Pikachu, that’s your cue!

I joke of course, but who didn’t see this coming last year?  Probably the same people that saw Caitlin and Barry not believing Cisco when he found something fishy because that’s right out of the TV Tropes playbook too.  (This kind of plotline falls flat five seasons in because they’ve worked together enough to trust each other more than this.)  So there’s you’re a-plot and it’s pretty much a filler with a techno-babble chaser.  (We won’t even talk about the absolute zero stuff because everyone should know by now that you can’t even get to absolute zero in deep space as it’s the temperature where even subatomic processes cease.)

The Cecile and Ralph vs FEMA stuff was pretty fun and was a nice way to work around not having Jesse Martin around.  It was complimented by Nora and Iris taking baby steps towards potentially fixing their relationship in the future which, after applying a little meta knowledge from later episodes, will probably be pretty crucial.

Lastly, there’s the Cicada plotline.  It should be pretty clear at this point that his powers are killing him which is our villain’s ticking clock which should help in the second have to escalate the proper for dramatic tension etc, etc.

So, what to call episodes like this?  I suppose Housekeeping works the best, they straightened up so they could move forward.  It’s fine to do these kind of episodes from time to time, especially since they’re in a broadcast TV format with twenty plus episodes a season.  I just think more TV shows would be better served if they had shorter seasons because I think if  you took any season of these CW shows and told the same story in fifteen episodes like this that the stories would have so much more impact because there would be no need for episodes like this.  Which is why I have to give it a score of:

Things We Learned on “The Icicle Cometh”:

  1. Cicada seems incapable of healing properly due to the knife.
  2. His knife came from a piece of the STAR Satellite power core.
  3. Caitlin’s father created her powers in an attempt to cure her potential ALS.

Questions on “The Icicle Cometh”:

  1. Can Caitlin save her father or is he forever submerged by Icicle?
  2. Is Doctor Ambres’ reason for helping Cicada as simple as it seems or is there more to this?
  3. Who do I have to bribe to get a Ralph Dibny buddy cop dramedy spin-off with either Cecile or Joe?

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