Top 10 Moments of YOUNG JUSTICE

Young Justice is on its way back after an unbelievably long hiatus. Both season one and two were filled with memorable moments. Today, we will be covering the best of the best from the first two seasons of Young Justice. There will be major spoilers so this is your warning. This is going to be so crash!

10. The Rescue of Superboy (S1)

Our first spot goes to something from the first two episodes. After Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad leave to investigate C.A.D.M.U.S. they discover a Superman clone. The Superboy is violent and attacks, but the boys win him over to their side. What makes this moment special is that it’s all character work. Superboy’s turn leads to the creation of the Team. It’s great seeing them all work together.

9. The Runaways Save The Team (S2)

Not to be confused with Marvel’s Runaways, this group of teens was created by the Reach as one of their first runs on human experiments. Lex Luthor wanted to use them as his own “Young Justice” team. The kids go into outer space and with the help of Arsenal, save the entire team from Mongul and Black Beetle. It was great to see the new kids come to the team’s aid. It was also great seeing the original Speedy in action.

8. Miss Martian’s Origin (S1)

For the majority of season 1, we’re lead to believe that M’gann is J’onn J’ozz’s niece. It’s not something that you would ever question, but that’s where they get you. The episode is an emotional rollercoaster. We learn that Miss M is a white martian who has been pretending to be a green martian. This highlighted the inner struggles Megan had. She, for almost an entire season, was living a lie so that she won’t lose the ones she cares for. The end of this scene is touching because the boys (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Superboy) don’t judge her. They instead reassure that they care for her. This is one of the best character beats in season one.

7. Black Beetle vs. The Entire Team (S2)

The Team had its challenges, but none come close to their confrontations with Black Beetle. This particular moment is when they first come to blows with the Reach juggernaut. Wonder Girl, Superboy, Impulse, Batgirl, Robin, and more were no match for him. It wasn’t until Blue Beetle stepped in and gave them a fighting chance.

6. Impulse Crashes the Party (S2)

Young Justice introduced a lot of crazy things in its second season, but the craziest has to be Bart Allen. The grandchild of Barry Allen (The Flash), Bart has traveled through time to save the world from the hands of the reach. Nightwing, Beast Boy, and Robin deal with the situation the only way they know how, with their fists. They scuffle in a bit only for Nightwing to knock him out. It’s a great introduction to a fan favorite.

5. Superboy/Robin vs. Superman/Batman (S1)

The finale of season 1 was filled to the brim with great moments. This fight, in particular, was extraordinary. We have both Batman and Superman brainwashed by Starro, leading to a battle between them and Superboy and the Boy Wonder. The two titans manage to take down the world’s finest in a classic bout. Robin even breaks out his escrima sticks for the first time. We surprisingly don’t have many action scenes on this list, so this one is special.

4. The Mole Reveal (S1)

One of the major storylines from season 1 is the fact that the Team has a mole working with the Light. This is their version of the classic Titans story, The Judas Contract. At the end of season 1, we find that it’s not Miss Martian or Artemis that was the leak. It was none other than Speedy himself, Roy Harper, but it doesn’t stop there. This is not the real Roy; it’s a clone created by Lex Luthor. The authentic Speedy has been gone for years. This is one of the craziest twists I’ve seen in recent memory.

3. Aqualad Turns to the Dark Side (S2)

The second season of Young Justice was a wild ride. The biggest thing we learn at the start of the season is that Aqualad, the fearless and noble leader, has become a full-fledged villain. We discover that his father is actually Black Manta and that his love, Aquagirl, has been killed. This pushes Kaldur’ahm to join his father. Things get even messier, but we’ll save that for the next one.

2. Artemis’ Death (S2)

So above I talked about Kaldur joining Manta and the Light. The real gut punch is when he kills our beloved Artemis Crock. This moment shook the Team and the audience. To this day it still gives me chills. We later learn that this is all apart of Kaldur’s cover to infiltrate the Light and stop them from the inside. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this scene is one of the highlights of the series.

1. The Death of Kid Flash (S2)

Remember back in the day when season 2 was the final season of Young Justice? No? Well, it was a nightmare. Mostly because it ended with the death of Wally West. Kid Flash is retired in season 2 and only suits up because his friends needed his help. He along with The Flash and Impulse have to run fast to stop the Reach’s superweapon from loading. The only problem is that Wally is significantly slower than the other two. Meaning his body is getting hit with energy. Next thing we know, Wally disappears. We had to live with that ending for six years. I’m still mad about that.

That completes our list! I know that we left out a ton of great moments, but now it’s your turn. Leave a comment here or any of our social media platforms with your favorite Young Justice moment. Check out all of our Young Justice coverage here. Thanks for ready and stay tuned for our review of Young Justice: Outsiders!

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