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Aquaman Is The Highest Grossing Superhero Solo Movie Internationally, Surpassing Iron Man 3

Aquaman Highest Grossing Solo - cover image
Aquaman and Warner Bros are swimming in cash.

Aquaman starring Jason Momoa is still making a splash at the box office. Despite being in theaters for almost 2 months, it has now passed another box office milestone.

James Wan’s Aquaman has now surpassed Iron Man 3‘s $805.8 million haul at the international box office, and is now the highest-grossing solo movie for a superhero internationally. Aquaman has in total earned $1.139 billion at the global box office.

To call Aquaman a success is an understatement since it’s also the highest-grossing DCEU-movie and the highest-grossing DC movie of all time. Let’s just say Aquaman is swimming in cash.

A sequel is in development with screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick returning from the first film to pen the script. To check out our review of the original, click HERE.

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