In this Netflix movie, two aspiring musicians get the chance to prove their worth through the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watching a Will Ferrell movie is the textbook definition of not knowing what you are in for. He is very much hit or miss. When it comes to his latest movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga… we have another miss on our hand. This movie could have been a cute and harmless movie about two artists fighting for their dreams. But it is all brushed aside due to D jokes and have Will play what he has played the most (a middle-aged manchild). Exception for the singing, it feels like Ferrell is phoning it in.

Rachel Adams and Dan Stevens are what make the movie tolerable. Their characters feel more fitting, and both give their best with what they have to work with. Both of them also do their best to give their characters life.

However, there is one aspect that I will give the movie credit for. Eurovision Song Contest is (as far as I remember) an event that likes to be as glamorous and over the top as possible. This is something that the movie portrays, and not in a bad way. The song by Rachel and Will’s characters even feels like something that could arrive, and perhaps win the competition.

Even if the movie got some chuckles from me, it was an overall bad experience. Unless you are someone that loves every movie from Ferrell’s filmography, or a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, I can’t see you having any enjoyment with this. The movie is filled with a talented cast, only to get wasted with lowbrow humor that will not age well.

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