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OFFICIAL: Changing of the Guard and New Horizons in 2021

This website’s been on one heck of a journey. What started in 2013 as a little blog called Watchtower of Babel has grown far more than I could have ever imagined. To date we’ve published nearly 4,000 articles, graduated college, started careers, gotten married, survived a shutdown, weathered a global pandemic, and somehow this little site has kept on going.

I joined the old Watchtower crew in 2017, and people I’ve met here have become lifelong friends. The site we now know as WOBAM Entertainment draws its greatest strength from being a beacon where fans can express themselves with likeminded people. We shun toxic fandom and embrace being a platform where fans can come together and celebrate all the movies, shows, games, comics, music, wrestling, and random nerd stuff we all love. We choose to elevate others like us, and use our voices on social media to lift up our friends and their friends.

I was honored last year when our Editor-in-Chief Paul Romano asked me to step in as WOBAM’s new Editor-in-Chief. Stepping into this role has been a gradual process, but with our future plans finally in motion we’re excited to begin this changing of the guard. I want to thank Paul for his years of leadership and service on this site. You’ll always have a home here as our EIC emeritus.

The WOBAM our readers love will continue on. We’re currently working on refreshing our website, so things may be in flux for a little while. We’re also working on new podcasts, creating partnerships with other creators, and continuing our regular writing with ace precision. Going forward our usual editorials, reviews, and opinion will continue, along with some new surprises, like our forthcoming newsletter. which you can subscribe to down bellow.

I’m excited for the future of WOBAM as we continue building on this great site. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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