DC Entertainment: A Year in Review – Part 2 [Television]

2013 was a particularly monumental year for DC Entertainment. A movie universe featuring its iconic characters is finally moving forward, while a number of new television shows were announced. As usual, animated adaptations for both film and TV were unveiled, and a slew of video games were released. The following is the second part of my review of all the DC news from this year. It will cover all the television news from DC Entertainment that hit in 2013.

After an impressive first season last year, Arrow returned this fall and has made all the right moves so far. In addition to furthering Oliver Queen’s journey to become a hero, this season firmly grounded the show into the DC Universe even more so than the first. From Black Canary and Solomon Grundy to Barry Allen and Amanda Waller to the League of Assassins, the CW series shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, many fans have wanted Arrow to connect to Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe. While it sounds like that isn’t being discussed, star Stephen Amell recently expressed his desire to see the two worlds collide. 
Speaking of Barry Allen, Grant Gustin will reprise the role in a spin-off pilot, which will see him become The Flash. The CW prioritized this over the Wonder Woman origin series Amazon, which is now on the back-burner. Allen was originally set to return in a Central City-centric episode of Arrow, which would have served as a backdoor pilot for his spin-off series as well as the debut of his costume. However, those plans have changed. We can expect to see Iris West and her father in the pilot/potential series, with Ghostbusters‘ Ernie Hudson apparently up for the role of the latter. The two key characters will be depicted as African-American, rather than Caucasian as in the comics. Additionally, Cisco Ramon (aka Vibe) is reportedly appearing as a potential series regular, alongside “Detective Eddie Thawne” (Professor Zoom?). The Flash pilot films in Vancouver in March, and if ordered to series, it will air on The CW sometime next fall. 

Other than The Flash, the most anticipated upcoming TV show from DC is Gotham, which focuses on a younger Detective James Gordon long before he ever meets Batman. The show was ordered directly to series by Fox, and Bruno Heller is writing and executive producing. Little is known about the pilot’s plot, but Gordon is apparently investigating the double homicide of Thomas and Martha Wayne. A casting call for a ten-year-old Bruce Wayne substantiates this report. Gotham does not have a premiere date yet, but is also expected to film in March.
After the lukewarm response to the 2005 movie starring Keanu Reeves, Constantine‘s future on the big or small screen was left in doubt. The character is expected to be in Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark film, but John Constantine is also heading to television. NBC ordered the show with penalty, with David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone executive producing and writing. Little else is known about the series, but del Toro has said that it can co-exist with his upcoming ensemble adaptation. 
Another DC adaptation that The CW is planning is Hourman, which will be written by Michael Caleo and executive produced by Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz. The comic follows a pharmaceutical analyist who gains superpowers from a drug for one hour a day. Plot details leaked online earlier this month: “Because the proposal is that the drug Miraco from the comic book series, in the TV show will have a different effect on each person who takes it, summoning different powers and abilities based on their personality, enhancing existing talents or abilities tenfold, but with terrible side effects. And a different person will get the powers each week.” No word on when Hourman goes into production or when it will premiere.
After being considered for both film and television, DC/Vertigo’s Preacher is now being developed as a TV show for AMC. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Caitlin were reportedly behind the pitch, which creator Garth Ennis is apparently pleased with. Ennis may serve as a consultant should the series move forward. No casting or production news for now.
Meanwhile, yet another DC series being developed by The CW is iZombie. Published by DC/Vertigo, the series lasted only 28 issues. Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero are developing the show, which is described as, “a supernatural crime procedural that centers on a med student-turned-zombie who takes a job in the coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat to maintain her humanity. But with each brain she consumes, she inherits the corpse’s memories, and with the help of her medical examiner boss and a police detective, she solves homicide cases in order to quiet the disturbing voices in her head.” No other details are known.
SyFy has been working on a Booster Gold television series for a while, with Arrow‘s Andrew Kreisberg writing the pilot. Kreisberg confirmed that, unless the network doesn’t approve, the series would be set in the same universe as Arrow, and even references the Starling City vigilante in the script. The script was apparently turned in early June, but we have not heard anything else on the project since. Booster Gold was actually mentioned as a character who can headline a low budget DC movie. Whether or not it will affect the TV show or vice versa remains to be seen. 
Think that The CW’s DC slate is full? Think again. In addition to Arrow, The Flash, Hourman and iZombie, the network may add another title to the pile: Young Justice. After the fan-favorite animated series was cancelled this year, a live action series (dubbed “a teen drama/romance series with a superhero twist”) is reportedly scheduled to premiere in 2015. The only characters mentioned are Superboy and Miss Martian. This is one show that has yet to be confirmed officially. Hopefully, we’ll receive more news on this in the near future. 
Which television series from DC are you looking forward to the most? Stay tuned for the next part in my “Year in Review” series, which will focus on DC Entertainment’s animated projects of 2013. 

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