OFFICIAL: 7 Days of Pokemon Games at WOBAM! Entertainment

Hey, it’s Isak! With Pokemon Let’s Go on the horizon, I thought – let’s get some Pokémon content out there! I’m the Pokémon geek of the team after all.

The week will go as follows

November 9th: Pokémon Yellow Review
November 10th: Pokémon Crystal Teview
November 11th: 10 Pokémon That Need An Evolution
November 12th: Pokémon Colosseum Review.
November 13th: Pokémon XD review
November 14th: Why Pokémon Stadium Needs To Return
November 15th: Pokken (Switch) Review

I hope you will enjoy this week as much I will. Stay tuned for all the fun. And don’t forget to follow us on social media @WOBAMEnt!
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