Watchtower of Babel News Is Looking For New Contributors

Watchtower of Babel News was created last month, and started out as a one-man show. However, with the blog becoming more active, I’m here to announce that I am now looking to hire volunteer contributors to help run the website.

Specifically, I’m looking for writers to cover the following topics:
-Vertigo movie and television adaptations (such as Sandman, Y: The Last Man and Preacher)
-Animated television shows from DC
-DC video games
-Minor pieces of live-action television news (such as interviews, plot summaries, and episode promos)
-DC comic book news
How to Apply:
-Message me at fireychariots@gmail.com or on Twitter at @PaulRom95, so we can discuss the process in further detail. Let me know which of the above fields you wish to cover.
-You must have a Google account in order to be added to the blog. 
-If you have prior experience as a journalist/news writer, send me a sample of your work. 
Note: This will be a no-pay position. If you are looking for a paying job, then I can’t recommend coming here. 
Again, if you are interested in one of these positions, message me via email or Twitter. 

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WOBAM! Entertainment.

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