Warner Bros. Reportedly Developing Nine More DC Adaptations

Last night, it was announced that a Justice League movie is officially set to follow Superman vs. Batman, with Zack Snyder on board to direct both. This move once again proves Warner Bros.’ interest in exploiting its DC Comics catalog. Now, we have another tidbit of info regarding the studio’s long-term development. An article from the Wall Street Journal chronicles WB’s recent push in adapting DC properties, and it reveals that, in addition to the Man of Steel follow-up and Justice League, there are nine other films based on DC comics in development. The site doesn’t give any specifics, but let’s speculate.

WSJ’s Justice League announcement last night also mentioned that movies based on Shazam, Metal Men, Fables, and 100 Bullets are in the works. Films for Sleeper and Federal Bureau of Physics were recently confirmed, while low budget movies starring Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, and Booster Gold were rumored. Then there’s the Sandman movie, produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David S. Goyer. Counting the Vertigo titles, that’s 10 movies. While WB isn’t fast-tracking a Wonder Woman movie yet, the studio is reportedly interested in films starring Aquaman and The Flash too. Finally, there’s the possibility of more solo Superman and Batman installments. But which of these make up the nine? Hopefully, we’ll hear more news on this soon, especially by Comic-Con.

WSJ’s latest article also adds an interesting tidbit regarding DC Entertainment’s multimedia approach. President Diane Nelson has apparently pushed for “diverse and even contradictory takes” on these properties. For example, Ben Affleck’s Batman will be entirely different from say, Gotham or any of DC’s animated incarnations. Perhaps this means that Arrow and The Flash will remain separate from any big screen versions of these characters? Finally, WSJ confirms that Geoff Johns serves as a consultant who keeps track of everything DC related, including consulting on scripts and visual designs. The comic book writer has written episodes for Arrow and The Flash pilot, and is an executive producer on Superman vs. Batman. For even more, you can click the link above.

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