SUICIDE SQUAD Stars Margot Robbie and Viola Davis Discuss Joining The DC Universe

Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s new movie, Focus, releases this weekend in theaters. However, the two actors will soon reunite as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, respectively, in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. In an interview with MTV, Robbie commented on landing the role of fan-favorite character Quinn, saying that she didn’t even have to audition. “I actually got offered this one, I didn’t audition, which is a real step up as an actor when you can get offered things.” 

The actress adds that the film’s crew already figured that she and Smith would have terrific chemistry together, so “we didn’t have to do chemistry reads or anything like that, and then I already knew, vaguely knew Jared Leto, who’s playing the Joker.” As for the tone of Suicide Squad, Robbie says that it is closer to The Dark Knight than The Avengers. “I think on a scale of like, Dark Knight is here and Avengers is here, I think it’s more on the Dark Knight side of things.”

In a separate interview with Az Central, Robbie seemingly confirmed that she had signed a multi-picture deal to play Harley Quinn, admitting that the prospect of playing her for many years is “daunting.” “You don’t need to have commitment issues to be frightened by the fact that you might have just signed 10 years of your life away. … But with her, it’s a character I don’t think would ever get boring. Ever. So if they did Suicide Squad One, Two and Three, I would be over the moon about it.” 

Another exciting addition to the cast of Suicide Squad is Viola Davis, who recently confirmed that she will play Amanda Waller. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress discussed what appealed to her about joining the DC Universe. “As a comic book and Wonder Woman fan, I love the whole DC Comics universe. I traded comic books as a kid so all of that appeals to me. When you dream about being an actor as a kid, that’s what you dream about. That’s like play acting: being the superhero, getting the gun; it plays into that fantasy.” 

As for how her current television show, How to Get Away with Murder, affected the roles she has been offered, Davis says, How to Get Away with Murder changed my exposure. I don’t know if it changed the quality of roles as much as it changed the exposure. I mean certainly Amanda Waller is a fabulous character.” For the rest of THR’s interview with Davis, click the link above.

Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theaters August 5th, 2016. The third installment in the DC Cinematic Universe stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, Viola Davis and Jared Leto. David Ayer writes and directs.

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