LUCIFER Lands New Showrunner

On the heels of getting picked up by Fox for the fall
season, the producers of Lucifer have
tapped Joe Henderson to take an executive producer/showrunner’s role for the
Henderson is an up and coming producer with three series to
his name.  He wrote for and was a producer
first on the series; Graceland.  Last year he was an EP for the fox series, Almost Human starring Star Trek and Dredd’s Karl Urban.  It was
on as the showrunner on the USA series, White
where Henderson gained the attention and buzz that caused Warner to
seek him out for Lucifer. He also
wrote episodes for all three series.  (imdb)
The “showrunner” is responsible for controlling the
day-to-day operations of the series.  The
showrunner is in creative and economic control of the series and answer only to
the network and production company. 
Usually, the showrunner is the creator of the series but this is type of
situation is not unheard of.
In a semi-related note, Lucifer creator Neil Gaiman took to
twitter yesterday to offer praise for the pilot. saying:  
Lucifer is in
Development at Warner Television and Fox.

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