Potential Casting Details for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK; Colin Farrell Frontrunner to Play Constantine?

Even though director Guillermo del Toro recently dropped out, Warner Bros. is moving full-speed ahead with the Justice League Dark movie, tentatively titled Dark Universe. Last we heard, the DC adaptation was looking to begin production sometime next year, even though a new director has yet to be hired.

And now, we have a slew of casting rumors for the lead characters, courtesy of Latino-Review. Currently, Dark Universe is set to feature John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon and Madame Xanadu. Who is WB looking at to play these characters?

  • Warner Bros. disagreed with del Toro’s choice to play John Constantine, who is unnamed here. Instead, the studio is looking to A-list talent to cast this role. Apparently, Colin Farrell is the frontrunner to play Constantine, while Ewan McGregor has also been approached. 
  • Whoever does not land the Constantine role may have a chance to play Jason Blood, aka Etrigan’s human alter ego.
  • Before dropping out, del Toro’s pick to play Swamp Thing was frequent collaborator Ron Perlman. Reportedly, the general consensus on this one is that it’s still a “good idea.”
  • WB is apparently looking to cast an actor with comedic presence as Deadman.
  • A Hispanic/black actress is being sought to play Zatanna.
  • Monica Belluci is the top choice to play Madame Xanadu.
  • Additionally, Cara Delevingne might reprise her role as Enchantress from next year’s Suicide Squad in a cameo appearance. This move would connect Dark Universe to the greater DC Extended Universe.
Expect more news to come soon.

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