Fail-Safe continued the pattern set by previous Legends Of Tomorrow episodes by providing solid, albeit unremarkable, comic-book entertainment.

The conclusion to this two-parter continued the set-up of the preceding episode not just in terms of story but in character as well. Sara’s shame over her assassin past was brought to the forefront of this episode when Hunter instructed to kill the captive Stein should the team be unable to save him. However, due to a good deal of pleading from Snart, she ultimately decides against this, reinforcing the friendship between Sara and Snart while further developing their respective character arcs (Sara is trying to suppress her violent tendencies while Snart is not as evil as he claims).
The relationship between Stein and Jax received a good deal of focus, with the two of them growing closer despite being separated from each other most of the episode. Jax had realized Stein’s overly controlling nature was due to guilt of Ronnie Raymond’s death, and due to their friendship Stein was able to end his forced Firestorm bonding with Vostok. Ray and Rory, probably the two most different members of the team, were finally paired in this episode, as the two of them were imprisoned in a Gulag together. The episode displayed the contrast between the duo; while Ray has more traditional, heroic, and “boy-scout” honor, Rory follows the “code” often found among criminals/inmates. Thus, after Ray takes a beating from one of the guards for Rory, Rory takes it upon himself to save Ray from the Gulag despite Snart’s pleas not to.
The episode had previously explained that, had the team failed to rescue Stein, the United States would fall by 2016 (with Star City being spotlighted). However, the final scene suggests this outcome may be inevitable; due to the intervention of Chronos the team is temporally stranded in Star City circa. 2046. Once there, they find the city in ruins, inhabited by a Green Arrow who is most certainly not Oliver Queen. This means that the show is going to present the future rather than the past for the first time, and discovering the eventual fates of Arrow‘s characters should be most interesting.
Overall, while one of it’s weaker episodes, Fail-Safe was still an enticing hour of television filled with the superhero goodness Legends Of Tomorrow has consistently displayed.

Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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