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AGENTS OF SHIELD's Clark Gregg is Getting Behind the Camera

Clark Gregg is well known for his acting, but he also has a seasoned career behind the camera. He wrote the Robert Zemeckis film What Lies Beneath and wrote and directed the 2013 film Trust Me. Agents of SHIELD fans have long hoped that Gregg would direct an episode of the ABC show, and we now have confirmation that it’s happening, thanks to a Tweet from Gregg himself.

If you saw the Season 4 finale, you’ll know Gregg is being *quite* the tease.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD Season 4.]

The last time we saw Coulson, he was on a spaceship; presumably with the rest of the team. With Daisy dealing with the loss of Lincoln Campbell in Season 3 and continuing to confront the ghosts of her relationship with Grant Ward, Daisy dating an Alien is quite the interesting direction to take her character.

Is Gregg giving us a tiny morsel to tide us over, or do you think he’s just having fun with us? We’ll know this winter when Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC.

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