FEATURE: Five More Batman Spin-Off Movies We Want to See

Needless to say, Batman has always been the cornerstone of DC Comics. Unsurprisingly, that is now the case with the DC Extended Universe, with Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight being a key player. However, Warner Bros. is also expanding this Batman’s world with not only his own movie, but several spin-offs.
Films starring Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Gotham City Sirens are in development. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn and Joker – who already play key roles in the Suicide Squad franchise – will star in their own movie. And, going outside of the DCEU, a movie retelling Joker’s origin will spearhead WB’s new Elseworlds banner.
Of course, there’s potential for more movies beyond these. DC Films’ Geoff Johns has talked about plans to expand the Batman Family on screen, considering the character’s massive world in the comics. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five Batman spin-off movies we’d like to see.

Technically, a Catwoman movie was already released by WB back in 2004, but we don’t talk about that one. I’m talking about an actual movie starring Selina Kyle herself. Kyle has been a key player in Batman’s history, including several of his movies. She has to appear in the DCEU sooner or later, so why not give her a standalone film? 

Catwoman is a frequent member of the Gotham City Sirens, so expect her to be in that movie. But after Sirens, have Kyle headline her own spin-off. It would further explore her solo adventures in Gotham City (and beyond?), while it can be a vehicle to introduce other Batman-related characters. As WB expands its Batman Family slate, Catwoman is one of the most obvious options.

Red Hood
Red Hood is a key figure in Batman’s recent history. In the comics, Jason Todd was the second Robin, until he was brutally murdered by The Joker. But later on, he was resurrected as Red Hood, a violent anti-hero who doesn’t hesitate to kill his enemies. This has led to a clash of ideologies between Todd and Batman. It would be fascinating to see this dynamic explored on the big screen.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established that Robin did die, with his costume on display in the Batcave. While unconfirmed, this is most likely Jason Todd. This sets things up perfectly for the Red Hood to join the DCEU sooner or later. My idea: adapt Under the Red Hood in a solo Batman movie, then spin the character off into his own film.

Katherine Kane is one of many members of the “Bat Family,” a group of vigilantes working in Gotham City alongside Batman. In recent years, Batwoman has emerged as one of DC’s most prominent LGBT+ characters, and she currently has a large fan following. So, why not bring her to the big screen?

Batwoman would be a good next step for WB’s slate of Batman Family spin-offs. It would add to the DCEU’s focus on female characters, and it’d offer a fresh new face in Gotham City. Also, there has yet to be a major superhero movie starring an LGBT+ character. That can all change with Batwoman.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond was a hit animated series, serving as a sequel to Batman: TAS. The show is set in the future, with an elderly Bruce Wayne retiring from the Batman mantle and passing it on to Terry McGinnis. Since then, the Beyond concept was incorporated into DC’s comic book continuity. WB was also developing a film adaptation back in 2000, but it was ultimately scrapped. 

A Batman Beyond movie would be an ideal addition to the DCEU. The idea of an old Bruce training a new Batman would be very different from past films, while the futuristic setting would be really cool. Since the DCEU is still focused on modern-day Bruce, this type of movie wouldn’t happen for a while – unless it was part of the DC Elseworlds banner. But regardless, this would make a great film.

Gotham Central
And finally, we have one of the most iconic Batman storylines that, well, doesn’t star Batman. Gotham Central was an acclaimed comic book series that put the spotlight on the Gotham City Police Department. Characters like Renne Montoya and Crispus Allen deal with everyday crimes, occasionally coming into contact with the city’s renown supervillains and even Batman himself.
If WB wants to make a Batman spin-off that’s really different from the others, then a Gotham Central movie would be perfect. It would expand the world of Gotham in the DCEU, while keeping the focus on real people who aren’t costumed vigilantes. The story would’ve been perfect for the Gotham television series, but since that show went another direction, why not bring it to the big screen?
Honorable Mentions: Spoiler, League of Assassins, Harley Quinn, Red Robin, Azrael

Which Batman spin-off movie(s) would you like to see?

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