Killmonger is Getting His Own Prequel Comic From Bryan Edward Hill

I am Killmonger
No one’s perfect
But no one’s worthless
We ain’t deserving of everything Heaven and Earth is
But word is, good
– Paramedic!, Kendrick Lamar feat. SOB X RBE

When Black Panther hit theaters last February, audiences were captivated by the man, the myth, the legend, Michael B. Jordan Erik Killmonger.

Killmonger was a hit with viewers because his moral center and ideals challenged the hero in a direct way. He was wrong when he was right, just when he was unjust, and flawed where he had been failed, and Jordan sold that arc with genuine gravitas and pathos (if it sounds like I’m stanning for that Oscars campaign, you’re darn right).

So it’s with great excitement that Marvel announced a new prequel comic series written by Bryan Edward Hill, with art by Juan Ferreyra. The 4 issue series is set to drop this December. Hill is a rising star in the writing world, having written for Marvel, DC, and Top Cow, and most recently on Ash vs Evil Dead and the upcoming Titans series for DC Universe.

In an interview with Vulture, Hill had this to say about the character, quote, “Erik, in the movie, to me, was a character who was very afraid. He was afraid of not belonging to anything, of being a man with no nation, who’s afraid of not being able to live up to the Wakandan standard, of being the bastard son of Wakanda. The feelings of inadequacy led him into this unending desire for violent proof that he wasn’t that, that he wasn’t the bastard, that he deserved the right. Those emotions certainly play a part in that way. In a lot of ways those are universal emotions. We’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives. We just didn’t dedicate our entire life to nurturing it while trying to destroy our feelings simultaneously. So everything plays a part. It’s an amalgam of forces, I think, what I’m doing, but it’s also through my perspective. It’s all me interpreting those things and trying to tell a story that makes the most sense to me, that is the most true to who I am as a writer.”

Killmonger hits comic stores this December. For more Marvel news, keep it locked here at WOBAM Entertainment!

Source: Vulture

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