Spoiler Review: Crisis on Earth X Parts3&4

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It’s me again! We’re picking up where we left off, which if you haven’t read the review for the first two parts, can be found HERE.

We’re on Earth-X where most of our heroes, (Martin, Jax, Sara, Alex, Flash and Arrow), are locked in a fenced area, where they meet Ray, a man who loved the wrong person and is locked up for it. The team talks about trying to get out, and they wonder how everyone else is doing, on Earth-1.

Cisco finally wakes up from his coma, locked in a containment cell with Team Arrow, Caitlin and Wells in other cells on the pipeline. Kara, is upstairs, under the red sun mock-up becoming more and more human. Kara argues with, herself, Overgirl, about the lives the Earth-Xers have taken just trying to get her, Supergirl.

We find Iris and Felicity, our last free heroes, in the air ducts listening in. Trying to figure out how to get everyone out and save Kara.

Back on Earth-X, the Nazis round up our heroes, where they are greeted by Earth-X Lance(Lance-X)! He confronts Sara, asking why she would align with the impure.

Lance-X rounds up our heroes (and Ray), and sends them to be the targets, of a firing range. They all try to escape, but our shocked into submission. But wait! The shooters get iced. (hehe). ITS CAPTAIN COLD. Just kidding, it is Citizen Cold. But man, I love Wentworth Miller. He’s such an amazing actor, and he makes every character he plays so intriguing!

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Citizen Cold or as we come to know him, Leo, saves the team. He’s a more fun version of Captain Cold off the bat, and so stinking funny. He introduces us to the hero Ray, by unlocking his collar. (P.S. I love Russell Tovey. He’s AMAZING).

Back to S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-1, Overgirl tries to tell Kara she should have acted like a god to her Earth. (Earth-38 BTW. That’s important. Well not really, but I keep messing up which one it is so I think its important!). Overgirl says Kara hasn’t been using her heart cause she’s all alone, so why can’t she (Overgirl), use it?

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Felicity and Iris are at the Pipeline, but they can’t get in. Stupid low hydraulic pressure, it has really bad timing. Felicity puts in a call to the Legends, but they are on their own for a little bit cause timey wimey.

In the rebel base, our heroes introduce themselves, and they find Ray is from Earth-1 as well. (I still wanna know how he got there, but I guess I’ll have to watch Freedom Fighters huh?). Ray shows them the temporal gateway, and he says they can’t get there, its defended by Nazis, and the team says they can get there. But lo and behold, Earth-X Winn (hereby known as Winn-X), says no, they are going to blow it up.

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The team argues, and Winn says that the Fuhrer must be separated from his army. He hasn’t apparently been introduced to doppelgangers… Snart is funny funny, and Alex tries to reason with Winn-X. He tells her they have been fighting for years, and they have run out of time. The doomsday weapon (what weapon?) must be destroyed!

Martin apologizes to Jax, saying that he is technically his first child, and he didn’t think about that when getting excited about going back to his wife and daughter. He says that their relationship will always stand, no matter what (AWWW).

Sara and Alex bond, and Sara talks her off of the suicide mission she wants to do to try to save Kara by talking about losing Laurel. She also tells her to trust her instincts in regards to her relationship with Maggie.

Leo convinces Ray to help the Earth-1 heroes get back to their Earth, and using some romantic tactics, and the potential to see his family again, gets him to help the heroes get back to Earth-1. Everyone figures out there are metahuman dampeners in the facility, and Oliver decides its time to play dress up.

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Time for operation! Kara’s goose is cooked, but Felicity shuts down the power! Good timing on her part, allowing them to rescue Kara Terminator style! But wait, there’s always a creepy robot to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans.

With one hour on the clock(given by Winn-X), Leo and Oliver head into the facility to get the dampeners off. Oliver runs into Lance-X, where they send off the Wellenreiter (Earth-X Waverider), and Oliver fails the all important test, shooting an innocent (in this case, Earth-X Felicity) with an unloaded gun. It is always a non-lethal weapon, why must they always fall for that one. UGH. He does save her though, the strong protecting the weak aww. And he shuts down the dampener!

Back on Earth-1, Felicity gets pushed to turn the power back on by Thawne, and Kara tells her to, even though it’ll mean the surgery can proceed.

Winn-X lied about the hour! Flash and Ray tackle handling the missile Red Tornado, and keeping him away from the gateway, while everyone else works on getting to the gateway! And Leo insults Captain Cold’s statement about plans. Which I think is hysterical but hey, maybe it is just me; he’s just so goody goody. Both the fight scenes here are fantastic, Ray and Flash versus Tornado, and the team fighting the Nazis; they just look so freaking awesome! Firestorm splits up into Jax and Martin to handle two problems and Jax succeeds with his, and Martin… well Martin gets shot. I won’t lie – watching this made me cry, even though I knew he was going to leave the show.

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Martin manages to get to the gateway control while bleeding out and he continues to get shot, but he turns on the breech controller. Flash throws up a storm with Ray that Red Tornado can’t avoid. Jax combines with Martin to make Firestorm so they can safely move him, and Snart gets his flirt on with Sara.

Kara is about to be cut open, but Thawne can’t seem to get the knife down, OH WAIT. It’s A.T.O.M. – or Kara’s cousin from another lifetime hehe. The rest of the Legends take down the Nazis, and everyone else returns from Earth-X! Felicity and A.T.O.M. work on getting Kara to the roof and the sun, Felicity works on really being awesome, and almost gets killed by evil Oliver, but Oliver to the rescue threatening Overgirl.

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Projectiles gets launched from everyone who can launch something but Arrow at Metallo, and his haed comes off! Thawne pulls evil Oliver and Overgirl out of trouble, and Oliver and Felicity make up (AWWWW). And I agree with A.T.O.M., THAWNE SHOULD BE DEAD.

Firestorm splits in the medlab with Gideon, so she can get to work on Martin. Jax starts suffering, because of the Firestorm connection, but they can’t separate them, because the connection is the only reason Martin is still alive. Iris and Barry reunite and rant about their wedding. Alex and Kara get together, and they see the silver lining, and Rory, Rory gets his beer.

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Caitlin confesses Martin will die, and so will Jax, its only a matter of time. Curtis figures out Overgirl is a ticking supernova waiting to happen, so they need to get a solution and fast. Martin wakes up, in a teary speech tells Jax to live, because a father will sacrifice for his child. Martin takes the Firestorm cure, splitting the connection between Martin and Jax and Martin, Martin dies. Everyone mourns, and Jax goes to Central City to tell Clarissa and Lily.

On the Wellenreiter, Overgirl and evil Oliver convene before the threatening to get Kara or blow up the Earth.

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The whole of the Arrowverse team + Ray + Citizen Cold convene on the Waverider, together. Time to kick some booty! Nazis attack, and Overgirl supervises from the Wellenreiter. Killer Frost looks awesome on the Frozone-like ice ramp.

I know I’ve said all the previous fight scenes are awesome, but there’s just something about a final battle that just beats the rest! Cisco, Felicity and Wells work on defeating the Wellenreiter, and Flash and Reverse Flash battle it out, once again. Oliver and evil Oliver duke it out as well, can’t forget about the fuhrer and the king of the Arrowverse.

Supergirl draws Overgirl out of the Wellenreiter, getting Amaya, Zari, and Killer Frost on board to hit the blinking red button to kill the shields.  Overgirl and Supergirl start a laser show in the sky with some great CGI, and Flash may finally defeat Thawne, but oh wait! He doesn’t kill *rolls eyes*. Overgirl starts to go supernova, and Supergirl flies her up, up and away, protecting Central City from the explosion, and evil Oliver is destroyed by that, taking an arrow to the heart because Arrow, unlike Flash, will kill enemies thank goodness. Even if he does fall for the unloaded weapon trick.

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Ray and Leo say goodbye to Flash, with a handshake and a hug respectively. Leo, is not leaving though (YAY I’m excited), and Ray heads back to Earth-X to finish off the Nazis.

We head next to Martin’s funeral. Jax gives a few words that make me wanna sob again. *cries* Everyone says goodbye, and their final thanks to him.

Sara says goodbye to Alex, and Alex says they will both find someone else other than the one that they want to go back to. The Legends take off to go time jumping, and Kara and Alex head back to Earth-38.

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Time for elopement! And Diggle, I missed Diggle. Even when he pukes cause of Flash picking him up hehehe. Iris and Barry exchange their so so so sweet vows (AWWW).


Felicity decides she’ll take everything in stride, and she wants to marry Oliver right then and there! That’s something Iris will more than likely hold against her for forever. But really, I’ve been on team Olicity for five-ever, but isn’t there possibly an issue with you know… maybe a marriage license or something? But still AWWWWWWW.

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All in all this was the best crossover yet. And it was a true crossover, not like last year’s, where the Supergirl episode wasn’t really involved. The Nazis were a great plotline, and it addressed current events but also didn’t overwhelm the episodes with it like they have in the past. The action scenes were intense, well choreographed. There were certain parts that probably could have been done better, like Alex and Sara, or the choice to include Thawne again, but those were my biggest gripes. I am extremely excited to see Wentworth Miller back in the Arrowverse, no matter how limited the time is. And I guess, we’ll see where our happily married couples end up!

I would like to see this potentially released as a movie. I think it could do well, and it doesn’t require much background I think of the shows to understand it. Like Amell said in a Facebook Live post, the money could go to charity. I’d buy it!

So excited for these shows to continue, and excited to see if the Arrowverse can outdo themselves again next year!

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