Rumored FLASHPOINT Details May Reveal Villains, Production Schedule, and More

DC’s The Flash movie, now titled Flashpoint, is finally gaining steam with the addition of two directors. Now, we may have some new details on what to expect, including the villains, supporting cast, and production schedule.

According to That Hashtag Show, Warner Bros. is currently planning to have Flashpoint begin shooting in the second half of the year in London, along with some additional filming in the United States. There is expected to be a lot of post-production time to pull off Flash’s visuals. Also, the studio has offered the film to Ghost in the Shell cinematographer Jess Hall.

Now, on to story and character details. That Hashtag Show cautions that this includes information gathered from before John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were hired to direct. So, all of this could be subject to change. But anyways…

Of course, Ezra Miller is back as Barry Allen/Flash, while Billy Crudup and Ray Fisher are still attached to reprise their roles as Henry Allen and Cyborg, respectively. Meanwhile, as of late 2017, Kiersey Clemons was still on board to play Iris West, despite being cut from Justice League.

As for the story, the most recent draft allegedly include references and/or flashbacks to the accident that gave Barry his powers. Eobard Thawne is involved in an “interesting” way here. Meanwhile, Bary will team up with Keystone City cop Fred Chyre to investigate the death of Jonathan Chambers, aka Johnny Quick. Chyre’s partner, Detective Jared Morillo, will also appear.

Now, here is where things get interesting. The big bad of the movie is said to be Dr. Arthur Light, while classic Flash villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave will show up. Meanwhile, Caitlin Snow will have a lead role. It’s unconfirmed if Snow will become Killer Frost in this movie like in the comics, but don’t be surprised if she does. Snow, Cold, and Heat Wave have all played big roles on The Flash TV series, as well as other shows in that universe.

Again, this information is subject to change, and it’s always possible that Daley and Goldstein will take things in a very different direction. But, as of right now, this is apparently the plan for Flashpoint. In fact, this makes it sound more like a traditional Flash story than a big Justice League-esque tale. How will the Flashpoint stuff fit in? We’ll have to wait and see.

Flashpoint is tentatively scheduled for release in 2020.

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