TITANS TV Series May Feature Jason Todd

DC’s Titans series will feature several fan-favorite characters, from the core Titans members to the Doom Patrol. Rumored characters also include Ra’s al Ghul and Bruce Wayne. Now, the latest report may reveal the inclusion of a key Batman supporting character.

TitansTV has shared an alleged list of the first seven episode titles for Titans, and episode 7 is titled “Jason Todd.” If true, of course, this signifies the debut of Jason Todd himself. In the comics, Jason was the second Robin before being killed by Joker. He was later resurrected as the villain-turned-antihero called Red Hood.

It’s unclear how much of that will be incorporated into Titans, while casting for Todd is currently under wraps. But if this is accurate, the show will serve as Todd’s live action debut.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Titans will premiere sometime this year on DC’s streaming service.

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