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KRYPTON Showrunner Breaks Down That Character Reveal

We’re now halfway through the first season of SyFy’s Krypton, and this week’s episode was a big one. The episode focuses heavily on the House of Zod, as well as Lyta’s trial. We also get a bunch of the usual plot twists.

But the biggest twist resulted in the reveal of a major new character. This is the type of reveal that will drastically change the show going forward.

In a new interview, showrunner Cameron Welsh has weighed in on the reveal, why it was kept under wraps, and how it will affect the rest of the season.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From Krypton S1E5, “House of Zod.”]


During the end of this week’s Krypton, Lyta-Zod came into conflict with Colin Salmon’s character. After a brief fight, Salmon’s character drops a bomb….no, not that kind of bomb. “I’m your son,” he tells Lyta.

Yes, what you’re thinking is probably true. Colin Salmon’s character is none other than General Dru-Zod, one of Superman’s greatest villains.

Speaking with ComicBook, showrunner Cameron Welsh says that Zod’s role was kept under wraps because it was such a big gamechanger. “It’s that midseason point where the whole first season gets turned on its head 180 degrees. Adam [Strange] comes to Krypton with a very specific message to Seg: Superman’s birth, his very existence, is under threat and we have to stop Braniac. Brainiac is coming back in time to change history. But we all know that Brainiac was always coming to take Kandor City. And that’s what Adam got wrong; Zod was coming back to change history. So that’s the big turn in the season.”

Welsh goes on to explain that Zod is actually here to save Krypton. “So it’s a triple twist. It’s Zod, but it wasn’t Brainiac coming back to destroy the universe, it was Zod traveling back in time, but not to destroy Krypton, to save it.”

Just in case fans weren’t already happy with Krypton, the show now has General Zod himself. I personally can’t wait to see how the story continues in the aftermath of this reveal.

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