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FEATURE: Five Storylines to Consider for DEADPOOL 3

Deadpool is already one of the biggest superhero franchises in recent memory, with the 2016 movie being a big hit and this summer’s sequel looking to be even bigger. While Deadpool will appear in X-Force, star Ryan Reynolds has sounded less optimistic about a third solo film, But if Deadpool 2 makes all the money (it will), then surely Fox will pursue another movie.

If Deadpool 3 does happen, here are some storylines we’d love to see considered…

Deadpool Corps
In the comics, the Deadpool Corps is a group of Deadpools from various alternate realities. The team is brought together by the Contemplator, who tasks the group with defeating the cosmic entity known as the Awerness. The alternate versions include Kidpool (if Deadpool was a kid) and Dogpool (if Deadpool was a dog).
This is clearly a crazy concept to use in a movie, but since it’s Deadpool, it could work. A superhero film where the protagonist teams up with multiple versions of himself would be really unique, and it’d make a third Deadpool movie so much more interesting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Dogpool in a movie?
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe
The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory. In this non-canon story, a brainwashed Wade Wilson travels the Earth to assassinate every Marvel superhero and supervillain. He then goes after the writers and artists of the comic book….because what’s Deadpool without some good ol’ fourth-wall breaking?
Assuming that Disney’s planned acquisition of Fox goes through, Deadpool will be joining Marvel Studios along with many other characters. One way that Deadpool 3 can utilize that is by adapting this story. It’s a truly bananas idea, and clearly, it’s not one that would be canon. It would also depict the brutal murders of characters in a way that would make Avengers: Infinity War look like a walk in the park.
Deadpool Kills Deadpool
Following the events of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, this 2013 comic book storyline reveals that the murderous Deadpool is a clone called “Dreadpool,” and he’s after our Deadpool and the rest of the Deadpool Corps. It’s up to our Deadpool to kill this evil version of himself.
Superheroes fighting evil clones of themselves is a fairly common concept in comic book adaptations (see Logan), but it’d be wild to have Wade’s greatest enemy yet be…himself? This can be combined with a Deadpool Corps story, making it more of a big deal than just a regular old Deadpool movie. Also, you know Wade would find a way to reference X-24.
If Ryan Reynolds wants the next Deadpool to be more of a team-up film, then this would be an ideal option (after the Disney/Fox deal closes of course). The recent Spider-Man/Deadpool comic sees the two heroes in a buddy-type comedy, featuring plenty of fourth-wall breaking and other shenanigans.
Spider-Man and Deadpool play off each other well in the comics, so if they’re able to bring that to the big screen, that’d be great. Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland would have good chemistry, while seeing the more youthful Spidey play off the Merc with a Mouth would be hilarious. However, the downside would be that it’d either have to have Deadpool in a PG-13 setting or Spider-Man in an R-rated setting – which may be a win-lose situation to some for obvious reasons.
Night of the Living Deadpool
Our final suggestions pits the Merc against…zombies? The story of Night of the Living Deadpool is pretty simple: One day, Deadpool wakes up to discover that the zombie apocalypse has arrived. He now has to avoid being bitten and proceeds to kill a bunch of zombies.
With the zombie craze going on (thanks to the likes of The Walking Dead), it’d be funny to see Deadpool 3 use that in a parody. It’d be a wild plot for a movie, and it would take the franchise into horror-comedy territory…something we haven’t seen in the superhero genre before. And who knows, maybe they can merge this with Marvel Zombies and have Wade kill a bunch of zombified Marvel heroes.
What storyline do you want to see for Deadpool 3?

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